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Archer Library Guides most often serve as a starting point for student research. Library guides help users navigate the complex library and information landscape.  But that's not all! Guides are also designed for library instruction sessions, developed to provide course or assignment resources, curate event and program information, and support library events, workshops, and presentations.

Types of Library Guides

Archer Library guides generally fall into one of these four categories: 

Research Guides • Focus on specific subject areas and typically include library materials, eBooks, database recommendations, and internet resources. 

Course or Program Guides • Provide information and resources to support programs, courses, projects, or assignments. 

Library Instruction Guides •  Developed to be used in conjunction with library instruction sessions. Guides remain available to students even after they complete their course. 

General Topic Guides • Provide information on library events, workshops, presentations, and general topics of interest to library users.

Get to know our guides

Featured Library Guides

Explore these featured guides to learn more about our library guides. 

screen grab first year seminar library guide
First Year Seminar [Posner] 2023

This library guide supports FYS • First Year Seminar with Dr. Posner. It is a starting point for locating Archer Library information and resources selected for course assignments. Here you will find: Library Databases & Research Starters; the A to Z Database List; eBook Collections & Suggested Titles; Library Catalog, & Suggested Titles; and AI Tools & Research Starters


ENG 426 American Literature II screen grab
ENG 426 • American Literature II 1845-1890

This library guide supports ENG 426: American Literature II: 1845 - 1890 with Dr. Waterman. It is a starting point for locating Archer Library information and resources selected specifically for course assignments and includes library instruction sessions. Library collections such as books, e-books, databases and articles, are introduced. 

ENG 102 English Composition screen grab
ENG 102 • English Composition

This is a library instruction and course assignment guide supporting ENG 102: English Composition with Dr. Wrobel. It is a starting point for locating Archer Library resources selected for assignments and includes information presented during library instruction. Students were provided with a database orientation and examined OA journals.

Math 450 Seminar screen grab
Math 450 Seminar

This is a course and library instruction guide supporting Math 450: Seminar with Dr. Swain.  Used as a starting point for locating Archer Library resources and information selected for course assignments, it includes library instruction session topics such as research starters, eBook collections, an introduction to evaluating information, and using AI Tools as research starters.

XR VR conference room project screen grab
XR / VR Conference Room •  Learning Project

This general topic guide presents information about Archer Library's XR/VR Conference room and corresponding LSTA learning project grant. It includes details related to the project, demonstrations, workshops, and events scheduled. Explore the guide to learn more about how this exciting technology is being used to support teaching and learning.



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