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Assessment Overview

Library Instruction & Assessment

Library instruction assessment is most often formative. It includes (1) feedback from the student (exit tickets) focused on their learning, such as how library instruction sessions have improved their understanding of and skills related to concepts presented; (2) in-class activities applying skills introduced during instruction; and (3) planned question and answer sessions. Type of assessment will vary according to information literacy standards and student learning outcomes determined by the instruction librarian and course instructor.

Assessment options include, but are not limited to, student reflection prompts, surveys, informal polls and word clouds, exit tickets, worksheets, pre- and post-quizzes, and online collaborative platforms such as Padlet and Poll Everywhere. Instructor designed exit tickets routinely used for course outcomes, that are focused on library instruction sessions, may also be utilized for this purpose.

Assessment Options

Exit Tickets 

Students are given time at the end of a library instruction session to provide feedback. Most often this takes the form of an exit ticket with specific session prompts. Completed items are returned to the instruction librarian as students leave the active learning lab. This option can be used for face-to-face, hybrid, or online instruction sessions (synchronous or asynchronous).

The number of questions is limited to three and may include:

  • What are the three most significant things you have learned during this session?
  • What important question about today's topic remains unanswered?
  • Is there anything you did not understand?
  • What two things did you learn during today's group activity?
  • What was the most confusing concept in today's class?

Student Reflection

How did you grow as a researcher today?

1. Describe a new search strategy you learned.

2. Share a research term you learned and what it means.

3. Describe a (database) search mistake you made and what you learned from it.

4. Explain how you challenged yourself during today's session.

5. Discuss something you learned during today's session and how it helped you locate a quality resource.


Questions adapted from Math Coach's Corner, (Boucher, D., 2016).

Exit Ticket Examples

Polls & Surveys

Polls & surveys are used to gather feedback from students during face-to-face and online, synchronous and asynchronous, library instruction sessions. Librarians may use polling for pre and post assessment, as well as informal point-of-need polling during an activity. Polls are most often conducted within library guides or using platforms such as Poll Everywhere.

Structured forms and quizzes are most often developed using LibWizard, Archer Library's assessment platform. Students are informed that submitted responses are confidential and summary information will be shared with Archer Library faculty and staff as needed. Responses may be shared with instructors if requested; instruction librarians will provide these details to students as needed.

Survey Examples

Poll Examples

Activities & Skills Practice

Group work, small groups and or partners, and active learning may be supplemented with worksheets and online resources providing students with opportunity to practice skills learned during and after instruction. Additionally, platforms such as Padlet or Wakelet may be used for collaborative learning activities. 

Artifacts are reviewed by the instruction librarian; results are discussed in class, linked to course Library Guides, and may returned to the course instructor.

Padlet Examples

LibWizard Quiz Examples

Worksheet Examples



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