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EDCI 312 • Reading & Writing Methods: Introduction

Resources and information for Professor Miller's EDCI 312 adolescent literature course.


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EDCI 312 Library Guide

Welcome! This guide supports your exploration of children's and young adult literature, focusing on selected genres and Archer Library's juvenile collection, for Professor Miller's Adolescent Literature course.

Here you will find information used during your library instruction session and additional Archer Library resources.

Library Guide Overview

Use the tabs at the top of the page to navigate through this library guide.  Topics include:

  • Introduction: Guide welcome and resource overview;
  • References: Citations, additional information, and information literacy knowledge practices and dispositions for the catalog search library instruction session;
  • Genre Resources: Items selected from Archer Library's circulating and eBook Collections;
  • Selected Genres: Realistic Fiction, Historical Fiction, Fantasy, Traditional Literature, Literary Nonfiction, and Poetry and Verse are presented.  Each page includes genre definitions, library catalog search tips, and selected titles; and
  • Library Instruction: Resources and information supporting the library instruction session.

This guide will remain available at the conclusion of the session and, like all Archer Library guides, is accessible online 24/7. Feel free to return and explore; check back often for updated content.


Getting Started:  What are Genres?


“A collection of texts that are related by audience and purpose as well as by form and subject matter” (Knickerbocker, Brueggeman, & Rycik, 2012, p. 98).

"Term of French origin used to differentiate types or categories of literary works" (Latrobe, Brodie, & White, 2002, p. 82).

"A category of artistic, musical, or literary composition characterized by a particular style, form, or content" (Merriam-Webster, 2021).

"A genre is a category of composition that has such defining characteristics as type of characters, setting, action, and overall form or structure" (Galda, Liang, Cullinan, 2017, p.12).

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