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Archer Library Instruction Program

Faculty Resource • Opportunities for course integrated library instruction

What People are Saying!

Testimonials • Student

Student comments and feedback after library instruction.

"I found it interesting to learn how extensive the database selection is and how much information is available to us."

"There are soooo many places to find articles and full-text can be emailed to us if needed."

"How many great children's books there are in the library! And you can read reviews for books in the catalog."

"The library is a great resource. There are tons of educational resources whether it’s the books, librarians, study rooms, etc. The library has it all."

"Don't always trust a website because it looks pretty. The actual information is what is most important."

"You can save database articles to Google Drive! I had no idea! Not only can I use it for this class, but also for my honor's capstone project."

What People are Saying!

Testimonials • Faculty

Faculty comments and feedback after library instruction.

"It set us up very well for success on the term project and the research paper."

"How awesome!! This is exactly what I wanted for them. It was very helpful and the students got a lot from it."

"The research papers have been great this semester, and the students have actually used the various databases! Your hard work is being used!"

"One of the major takeaways the students had from the semester was the new knowledge of what our Library has to offer, how to find literature, and how to research properly using databases."

"It is so nice to be able to collaborate with you!"

"The session activity lifted them up! It did not discourage their search, but asked good questions so they came to good conclusions."

"I know it has put them onto the right track for their research papers and discussions."

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Instruction Program

Archer Library Instruction

We provide a variety of instruction session types, including in-person, online, synchronous, and asynchronous videos and tutorials. Librarians are available to collaborate with instructors to design and customize sessions that support course integrated library instruction.

Explore the library instruction sessions presented below to find one, or more, that best suits to your course, program, or assignment. Overviews are included with each option, most provide references and narrative supporting the Framework.

Curious as to how instruction is received by students and faculty?
Review a few of our recent testimonials from students and faculty participating in library sessions.

Not finding what you envisioned for your course? 
Contact a member of the instruction team to discuss your needs. We look forward to hearing from you.

Featured Classes

Introducing Archer Library
Library Scavenger Hunts
An overview of the library web site, catalog, databases, eBooks, and library guides. Session includes an introduction to OhioLINK and using Interlibrary Loan services. Great option for students new to the library and research. Often facilitated by a library department, such as the Instructional Resource Center or reference, students are purposefully introduced to collections, resources, and library support. This activity is specific to course assignments.
Subject Connected Instruction
Assignment Connected Instruction
Sessions feature discipline related library collections and resources; best practices for subject area research are introduced. Students are encouraged to seek multiple perspectives during information gathering and assessment. Librarians collaborate with instructors to identify outcomes, knowledge practices, and dispositions. Librarians collaborate with instructors (SME) to develop sessions that support identified assignment outcomes. Instruction may include databases, library catalog search, research management, and content evaluation. Follow-up sessions may be planned or requested to further explore concepts.

Library Research Skills

Evaluating Information
Evaluating Journal Types
Students are introduced to criteria and questions used to evaluate information, including websites, books, journal articles, and images. Students explore resources and draw their own information conclusions. Librarians collaborate with faculty to determine the scope of research explored during the session. Sessions provide an overview of three journal types commonly used in the research process. Students are introduced to characteristics of each and apply criteria to search results. Students work individually or in groups during learning activity. Librarians collaborate with faculty to select subject specific databases.
Managing Database Research
Advanced Database Searching
Often partnered with Introduction to Library Databases instruction, this session focuses on research management in conjunction with Google Drive and EBSCO databases. Best practices for saving research are presented and students are encouraged to manage searching processes and results effectively.

Students use various research methods, based on need, circumstance, and type of inquiry.  Strategies including Boolean operators, truncation and wildcard, selecting search fields, and use of quotation marks are covered. Often a follow-up session to Introduction to Library Databases.

Basic Library Skills

Introduction to Library Databases
Archer Library Catalog & OhioLINK
Overview of Archer Library's A to Z Database list, subject-specific databases, and conducting basic keyword searches. Session includes opportunity for students to understand how databases are organized, explore search language options, and redefine strategies as needed based on initial search results. Advanced Searching is recommended as a follow-up session. Overview of Archer Library's catalog, discerning differences between the catalog and OneSearch, conducting keyword and subject searches, and using OhioLINK. Session includes opportunity for students to understand how the catalog is organized, explore search options, and refine results (e.g. location) as needed. Using OneSearch is recommended as a partner session.
Introduction to eBook Collections
Introduction to OneSearch
Overview of Archer Library's eBook collections, identifying collection resources, and conducting searches. Session provides opportunity for students to investigate how eBooks function in different platforms, identify usage options, and use different types of search language. Using OneSearch and Archer Library Catalog are beneficial partner sessions. OneSearch, Archer Library's discovery layer, is introduced. This comprehensive search tool facilitates access to most library collections using a single search box. Session provides opportunity for students to match information needs and search strategies to the appropriate tool and recognize the value of browsing different collections.




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