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Ed.D. Research: Doctoral Program in Leadership Studies: Welcome!

Library resources for Ed.D. research, locating dissertations, and an introduction to the library mentor program.

AU Library Cohort Mentee List

Jeff Pinkham
Diane Schrecker
Kathryn Venditti


Mic Becerra (C8)

Robert Boes (C8)

Karen Boyd (C18)

Shawn Braman (C11)

Temeka Brantley (C14)

Matthew Chrispin (C9)

Jasen Coleman (C14)

Maria Alfano-Cooper (C11)

Jerome Davis (C18)

Richmond Davis (C15)

Ryan Durr (C17)

Janet Hartzell (C16)

Garey Lewis (C17)

Joseph Lucky (C14)

Naomy Ndungdu (C16)

Kimberly Rottet (C17)

Shana Rozier (C16)

Darlene Shuler (C15)

Jean Thomas (C15)

Deann Wheeler (C18)

Sandy Womack (C15)

Bin Zhang (C18)


Pamela Backus-Diggs (C14)

Mary Bender-Davis (C14)

Kim Bracken (C18)

Katherine Brecheisen (C15)

Danielle Butler (C17)

Joyce Cummings (C17)

Scott Goggin (C14)

Darrick Jackson (C15)

Gary McPherson (C13)

Van McWreath (C16)

Margaret Morris (C15)

Jennifer Norris (C18)

Jamie Pund (C13)

Ben Richards (C10)

Diane Rudowicz (C10)

Andy Slack (C18)

Mark Smithberger (C14)

William J. Sparks (C16)

Valencia Thomas (C17)

Robert Turner (C16

Nicole Workman (C10)


Amanda Alice (C11)

Tonya Bailey (C15)

Jejuana Brown (C18)

Laura Corwon (Hartsel) (C15)

Elizabeth Cunningham (C15)

Kristine Dobransky (C13)

Cynthia Guertler (C16)

Hilary Ike (C18)

Bridget Ingram (C16)

Tammi Jordan (C17)

Jeffrey Layton (C11)

Stephen Lewis (C18)

Mary McDermott (C16)

Benjamin Moore (C14)

Lorelle Moore (C18)

Rhonda Neuhoff (C10)

Denise Youngsteadt-Parrish (C14)

Catherine Puster (C17)

David Reiser (C7)

Jennifer Ross (C10)

Brian Siftar (C16)

Paul Smathers (C14)


About this list: Cohorts are identified within the mentor list by the designation C (cohort) followed by the number assigned to their particular group at the beginning of the program. For instance, the 2009 cohort designation is C12 for cohort 12.



Welcome to Ashland University! Faculty librarians at Ashland University Library are willing to schedule one-on-one time to meet with COE Doctoral students and discuss research strategies and assistance. A librarian is assigned to every student at the beginning of each cohort; it is recommended you build a relationship with your mentor. However, you are encouraged to work with any librarian on duty at your convenience.

How can my librarian mentor help?

Mentors are available to guide you in conducting your own research by taking an interest in your area of scholarly pursuit. Librarians will draw on their particular skill sets to direct you to resources and research techniques.

Additionally, mentors can coach you in the use of online resources available on campus and from home or office. Establishing a relationship with your mentor should increase the efficiency of your research efforts. Becoming a skilled researcher is valuable component of the doctoral experience. Your Librarian Mentor Can ...

  • Recommend databases suitable for your research.
  • Help clarify your search.
  • Assist you crafting appropriate database search terms.
  • Help you use OhioLINK to locate and request items via pick-up-anywhere. 
  • Provide assistance locating hard to find items using InterLibrary Loan.