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Children's Literature • Award Book Resources: Horn Book Awards

Welcome! This guide features information about award books located the library's juvenile collection.

BGHB Awards in the Library

Boston Globe - Horn Book Award

Boston Globe Horn Book picture book, fiction, and poetry award winners are part of Archer Library's juvenile collection. Explore BGHB Award winner and honor books in the juvenile collection by searching for "Boston Globe Horn Book" in the library catalog. Award winners for picture books and fiction by year are featured below.

Boston Globe Horn Book: Picture Book

 Year  Title  Author  Call Number
2010 If I Know Here Croza, Laurel PZ7.C8862 La 2010
2011 Pocketful of Posies Mavor, Salley PZ8.3.P587 2010
2012 Extra Yarn Barnett, Mac PZ7.B2662 Ext 2012
2013 Building Our House Bean, Jonathan PZ7.B367 Bui 2013
2014 Mr. Tiger Goes Wild Brown, Peter PZ7.B81668 Mr 2013
2015 The Farmer and the Clown Frazee, Marla PZ7.F866 Far 2014
2016 Jazz Day Orgill, Roxane PS3615.R52 2016
2017 Freedom Over Me Bryan, Ashley PZ7.B8372  Fr 2016
2018 They Say Blue Tamiki, Jillian PZ7.T15867 th 201 2018
2019 The Patchwork Bike Clarke, Maxine B. PZ7.1. C5943 Pat 2018
2020 Saturday Mora, Oge PZ7.M6682 Sat 2019
2021 I Talk Like A River Scott, Jordan  PZ7.S33 Ita 2020
 Year  Title  Author  Call Number
1990 Lon Po Po Young, Ed PZ8.1.Y84 1989
1991 The Tale of the Mandarin Ducks Paterson, Katherine PZ8.1.P2316
1992 Seven Blind Mice Young, Ed PZ8.3.Y786 Se 1991
1993 The Fortune Tellers Alexander, Lloyd PZ7.A3774 Fn 1992
1994 Grandfather's Journey Say, Allen PZ7.S2744 Gr 1993
1995 John Henry Lester, Julius PZ8.1.L434 Jo 1994
1996 In the Rain with Baby Duck Hest, Amy PZ7.H4375 In 1995
1997 The Adventures of Sparrow Boy Pinkney, Brian PZ7.P6347 Ad 1997
1998 And if the Moon Could Talk Banks, Kate PZ7.B22594 An 1998
1999 Red-Eyed Tree Frog Cowley, Joy QL668.E24 C685 1999
2000 Henry Hikes to Fitchburg Johnson, D.B. PZ7.J63163 Heh 2000
2001 Cold Feet DeFelice, Cynthia PZ7.D3597 Co 2000
2002 Let's Get a Pup! Said Kate Graham, Bob PZ7.G751667 Le 2001
2003 Big Momma Makes the World Root, Phyllis PZ7.R6784 Bo 2002
2004 Man Who Walked Between the Towers Gerstein, Mordicai GV551.G47 2003
2005 Traction Man is Here! Grey, Mini PZ7.G873 Tr 2005
2006 Leaf Man Ehlert, Lois PZ7.E3225 Le 2005
2007 Dog and Bear: Two Friends Seeger, Laura PZ7.S4514 Dog 2007
2008 At Night Bean, Jonathan PZ7.B67 Atn 2007
2009 Bubble Trouble Mahy, Margaret PZ8.3.M278 Bu 2009
 Year  Title  Author  Call Number
1967 London Bridge is Falling Down Spier, Peter PS8.3.M85 Sp
1968 Tikki Tikki Tembo Mosel, Arlene PZ8.1.M8346 ti 1989
1969 The Adventures of Paddy Pork Goodall, John S.
1970 Hi, Cat Keats, Ezra Jack
1971 If I Built a Village Mizumura, Kazue PZ7.M6999 Id
1972 Mr. Grumpy's Outing Burningham, John PZ7.B936 Mi3 
1973 King Stork Pyle, Howard
1974 Jambo Means Hello Feelings, Muriel L. PL8701.F4
1975 Anno's Alphabet Anno, Mitsumasa PZ7.A5875 An3
1976 Thirteen Charlip, Remy
1977 Grandfa' Grig had a Pig Tripp, Wallace
1978 Anno's Journey Anno, Mitsumasa
1979 The Snowman Briggs, Raymond PZ7.B7646 Sn 1978
1980 The Garden of Abdul Gasazi Van Allsburg, Chris PZ7.V266 gar
1981 Outside Over There Sendak, Maurice PZ7.S47 Ou
1982 A Visit to William Blake's Inn Willard, Nancy PS3573.I444 v5 1981
1983 A Chair for My Mother Williams, Vera B. PZ7.W6685 Ch 1982
1984 Jonah and the Great Fish Hutton, Warwick BS580.J55 H87 1984
1985 Mama Don't Allow Hurd,Thacher PZ7.H9562 Mam 1985
1986 The Paper Crane Bang, Molly PZ7.B2217 Pap 1985
1987 Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters Steptoe, John PZ7.S585 Mu 1987
1988 The Boy of the Three Year Nap Snyder, Dianna PZ8.1.S66 Bo 1988
1989 Shy Charles Wells, Rosemary PZ8.3.W465 Sh 1988

Boston Globe Horn Book: Fiction

 Year  Title  Author  Call Number
2010 When You Reach Me Stead, Rebecca PZ7.S8085 wh 2009
2011 Blink & Caution Wynne-Jones, Tim PZ7.W993 Bl 2011
2012 No Crystal Stair Nelson, Vaunda Micheaux PZ7.N43773 No 2012
2013 Eleanor & Park Rowell, Rainbow PZ7.R7963 Ele 2013
2014 Grasshopper Jungle Smith, Andrew
2015 Cartwheeling in Thunderstorms Rundell, Katherine PZ7.R88786 Car 2014
2016 The Lie Tree Hardinge, Frances PZ7.H218 Li 2016
2017 The Hate U Give Thomas, Angie PZ7.T3642 Hat 2017
2018 The Poet X Acevedo, Elizabeth PZ7.5.A348 Po 2018
2019 The Season of Styx Malone  Magoon, Kela PZ7.M2739 Sum 2018
2020 King and the Dragonflies Callender, Kacen PZ7.C317 Kin 2020 
2021 From a Whisper to a Rallying Cry   Yog, Paula  
 Year  Title  Author  Call Number
1990 Maniac Magee Spinelli, Jerry PZ7.S75663 Man 1990
1991 True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle Avi PZ7.A953 Tr 1990
1992 Missing May Rylant, Cynthia PZ7.R982 Mj 1992
1993 Ajeemah and His Son Berry, James PZ7.B46173 Aj 1992
1994 Scooter Williams, Vera B. PZ7.W6685 Sc 1993
1995 Some of the Kinder Planets Wynne-Jones, Tim PZ7.W993 So 1995
1996 Poppy Avi PZ7.A953 Po 1995
1997 The Friends Yumoto, Kazumi PZ7.Y8967 Fr 1996
1998 The Circuit Jimenez, Francisco PZ7.J57525 Ci 1999
1999 Holes Sachar, Louis PZ7.S1185 Ho 1998
2000 The Folk Keeper Billingsley, Franny PZ7.B4985 1999
2001 Carver: A Life in Poems Nelson, Marilyn PS3573.A4795 C37 2001
2002 Lord of the Deep Salisbury, Graham PZ7.S15225 Lo 2001
2003 The Jamie and Angus Stories Fine, Anne PZ7.F495673 Jam 2002
2004 The Fire-Eaters Almond, David PZ7.A448 Fi 2003
2005 The Schwa Was Here Shusterman, Neal PZ7.S55987 Sch 2004
2006 Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane DiCamillo, Kate PZ7.D5455 Mi 2006
2007 Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing Anderson, M.T. PZ7.A54395 Ast 2006
2008 The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian Alexie, Sherman PZ7.A382 Ab 2007
2009 Nation Pratchett, Terry PZ7.P8865 Nat 2008
 Year  Title  Author  Call Number
1967 The Little Fishes Haugaard, Erik
1968 The Spring Rider Lawson, John
1969 A Wizard of Earthsea LeGuin, Ursula PZ7.L5215 Wi 1991
1970 The Intruder Townsend, John
1971 A Room Made of Windows Cameron, Eleanor
1972 Tristan and Iseult Sutcliff, Rosemary
1973 The Dark is Rising Cooper, Susan PZ7.C7878 Dar3
1974 M.C. Higgins, The Great Hamilton, Virginia PZ7.H1828 Mac
1975 Transport 7-41-R Degens, T
1976 Unleaving Walsh, Jill Patton
1977 Child of the Owl Yep, Laurence PZ7.Y44 Ch3
1978 The Westing Game Raskin, Ellen PZ7.R1817 We
1979 Humbug, Mountain Fleischman, Sid
1980 Conrad's War Davies, Andrew
1981 The Leaving Hall, Lynn
1982 Playing Beatie Bow Park, Ruth
1983 Sweet Whispers, Brother Rush Hamilton, Virginia PZ7.H1828 Sw 1982
1984 A Little Fear Rightson, Patricia
1985 The Moves Make the Man Brooks, Bruce PZ7.B7913 Mo 1984
1986 In Summer Light Oneal, Zibby PZ7.O552 Ip 1985
1987 Rabble Stark Lowry, Lois PZ7.L9673 Rab 1987
1988 The Friendship Taylor, Mildred PZ7.T7123 Fr 1987
1989 The Village by the Sea Fox, Paula PZ7.F838 Vi 1988

Boston Globe Horn Book Award

"First presented in 1697 and customarily announced in June, the Boston Globe-Horn Book Awards are among the most prestigious honors in the field of children's and young adult literature. Winners are selected in three categories: picture book, fiction and poetry, and nonfiction" (Horn Book, About the Awards, 2019).

Horn Book Picture Books: Recent Winners