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Children's Literature • Award Book Resources: Batchelder Award

Welcome! This guide features information about award books located the library's juvenile collection.

Batchelder Award Books in the Library

Batchelder Award Winners

Mildred L. Batchelder award winners are part of Archer Library's juvenile collection. Explore Batchelder Award books in the juvenile collection by searching for "Batchelder Award" in the library catalog. Award winners by year are featured below.

Batchelder Awards

 Year  Title  Author  Call Number
2000 The Baboon King Quintana, Anton PZ7.Q485 Bagg 1999
2001 Samir and Yonathan Carmi, Daniella PZ7.C21723 Sam 2000
2002 How I Became an American Gundisch, Karin PZ7.G967 Ho 2001
2003 The Thief Lord Funke, Cornelia PZ7.F96624 Th 2002
2004 Run, Boy, Run Oriev, Uri PZ7.O633 Ru 2003
2005 The Shadows of Ghadames Stolz, Joelle PZ7.S875837 Sh 2004
2006 An Innocent Soldier Holub, Josef PZ7.H74278 Inn 2005
2007 The Pull of the Ocean Mourlevat, Jean-Claude PZ7.M8646 Pu 2006
2008 Brave Story Miyabe, Miyuki PL856.I856 B8713 2007
2009 Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit Uehashi, Nahoki PZ7.U277 Mo 2008
2010 A Faraway Island Thor, Annika PZ7.T3817 Far 2009
2011 A Time of Miracles Bondoux, Anne-Laura PZ7.B63696 Ti 2010
2012 Soldier Bear Tak, Bibi Dumon PZ7.D8934 Sol 2011
2013 My Family for the War Voorhoeve, Anne C.
2014 Mister Orange Matus PZ7.T792 Mi 2012
2015 Mikis and the Donkey Tak, Bibi Dumon PZ7.D8934 Mik 2014
2016 The Wonderful Fluffy Little Squishy Alemanga, Beatrice PZ7.A3744 Wo 2015
2017 Cry Heart, But Never Break Ringtved, Glenn PZ7.R4743 Cr 2016
2018 The Murderer's Ape Wegelius, Jakob PZ7.W4232 Mu 2017
2019 The Fox on the Swing Dacit, Evelina PZ7. D22 Fo 2018
2020 Brown Øvreås, Håkon PZ7.O9693 Bro 2019
2021 Telephone Tales Rodari, Gianni PZ7.R5987 Te 2020
2022 Temple Alley Summer Kashiwaba, Sachiko PZ7.K37 Tem 2021
 Year  Title  Author  Call Number
1980 The Sound of the Dragon's Feet Zei, Aliki
1981 The Winter When Time Was Frozen Pelgrom, Els
1982 The Battle Horse Kullman, Harry
1983 Hiroshima No Pika Maruki, Toshi D767.25.H6 M2913 1982
1984 Ronia, The Robber's Daughter Lindgren, Astrid
1985 The Island on Bird Street Orlev, Uri
1986 Rose Blanche Gallez, Christophe
1987 No Hero for the Kaiser Frank, Rudolph
1988 If You Didn't Have Me Nilsson, Ulf
1989 Crutches Hartling, Peter
1990 Buster's World Reuter, Bjarne
1991 A Hand Full of Stars Schami, Rafik PZ7.S3337 Ho 1990
1992 The Man From the Other Side Orlev, Uri PZ7.O633 Man 1981
1993 * No Award Given *
1994 The Apprentice Llorente, Pilar Molina
1995 The Boys from St. Petri Reuter, Bjarne
1996 The Lady with the Hat Orlev, Uri
1997 The Friends Yumoto, Kazumi PZ7.Y8967 Th 1996
1998 The Robber and Me Holub, Josef
1999 Thanks to My Mother Rabinovici, Schoschana  
 Year  Title  Author  Call Number
1968 The Little Man Kastner, Erich
1969 Don't Take Teddy Friis-Baastad, Babbis
1970 Wildcat Under Glass Zei, Aliki
1971 In the Land of Ur Baumann, Hans
1972 Friedrich Richter, Hans Peter PZ7.R4154 Fr 1970
1973 Pulga Van Iterson, S.R.
1974 Petros' War Zei, Aliki
1975 An Old Tale Carved Out of Stone Linevskil, A.
1976 Cat & Mouse Who Shared a House Hurlimann, Ruth
1977 The Leopard Bodker, Cecil
1978 * No Award Given *
1979 Rabbit Island Steiner, Jorg
1979* Konrad Nostlinger, Christine

*Two awards were given in 1979.

Batchelder Award

"The Batchelder Award is awarded to a United States publisher for a children’s book considered to be the most outstanding of those books originating in a country other than the United States and in a language other than English and subsequently translated into English for publication in the United States during the preceding year" (ALSC, About the Batchelder Award, 2022).

Batchelder Award: Recent Winners