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Archer Library Orientation: Exit Ticket Q & A

This guide provides an introduction to Archer Library Resources & Information

Exit Tickets

Image of two ticketsExit Ticket Q & A

Thank you for completing the Archer Library Orientation Scavenger Hunt exit ticket. This page provides answers to questions submitted with the final prompt:  What question do you have that remains unanswered?

Q & A

Q. What makes some databases better than others?

Which database is "best" or "better" is subjective and situational. Choosing a database is dependent on your research needs. Knowing what content is covered in a particular database often makes it a better option, not necessarily better overall.

Q. I could not find JDM as a topic for subjects.

Currently, there is not a library guide subject area for Journalism and Digital Media. I would recommend communication studies and English for review.

Q. How many books are you allowed to check out at one time?

You are allowed to borrow 25 items at any given time. It could be a combination of items in several different library collections including things such as general books, DVDs, juvenile books, or IRC kits.

Q. How long do you get books for?

Archer Library books check out for 21 days and may be renewed 6 times. There are late fines of 25 cents per day on overdue items. OhioLINK titles generally check out for the same period of time, renewals are dependent on the lending institution.

Q. Can I get books for class for free by checking them out?

Yes. If the books are available in Archer Library's collection and/or are part of an OhioLINK Library's collection and available for request.


Q. What are the library hours during the week?


You can find Archer Library hours, including exceptions and updates, on the library website. Please note that hours are subject to change.

Archer Library's fall hours are: 

  • Monday - Thursday: 8 a.m. to midnight.
  • Friday: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Saturday: noon to 4:00 p.m.
  • Sunday: 1 p.m. to midnight

Q.  Do we have to pay for prints at a certain time?

Yes. Each student starts the term with a finite number of free prints. Should you use all of them before the end of the term, and need to print, additional prints may be purchased from the Campus Store.

Q. How many books are in the library?

Current holdings for physical books are estimated to be 165.000 to  195,000 volumes. The collection is ever changing with new titles being purchased and out-dated titles removed from circulation. Electronic holdings are estimated to be near 300,000.

Q. How do I request an OhioLINK book?

Use OhioLINK to request a, book, movie, music cd, is not available in the Archer Library collection or is currently checked-out to another user. While in the Library catalog, click the OhioLINK button located at the top of the page. You will be redirected to the OhioLINK catalog to see if it is available at another participating OhioLINK library.

  • Choose Ashland U from the Select your school or institution drop-down menu.
  • Request the item by entering your first and last name and 7-digit AU ID number.
  • To have the item delivered here, choose Ashland U as the Pickup Institution and Main Library as the Pickup Location.

Submit your request. Deliveries generally arrive in 5 to 7 days. You will receive email notification when it is available in the library for check out.

Q. Where do I request interlibrary loan?

Interlibrary loan forms are available on the Library website.  Access is available from the home page with Quick Links, and in the navigation menu with Services for Students.

Q. Where do I find the genres of books we have?

In some instances, you can conduct a keyword search in the library catalog for a desired genre. There is a library guide available for EDCI 312: Reading & Writing Methods, that provides tips for locating particular genres in children's literature such as realistic fiction and historical fiction. If genre information is available, it will be visible when you view an item's full record (click on tab).  For instance, the title Cress Watercress has a genre/form listing of fantasy fiction.

Q. Does a student have unlimited prints? If it is limited, how many?

Students do not have unlimited prints. The number awarded is often determined by department. You can login to any of the FindMe printers and view how many prints you have available - or login in to PaperCut and view your account.

Q. What other kinds of books are available at the library?

Archer Library collections include titles selected to support the curriculum at Ashland University. This includes titles ranging from general knowledge to reference and research.  The library has several unique collections:

  • Faculty Publications, Reference, and Recreational Reading: Library Main Floor
  • Juvenile Collection (Children's books):  Library 2nd floor
  • Kennedy (John. F.) Collection and Snyder Poetry: Library 3rd Floor
  • Floor Special Books Collection: Library 3rd Floor
  • Government Documents (Ohio and U.S.): Library 6th Floor & Online

Q. Are all resources available in PDF files?

The short answer is, no.  A longer answer is a bit complicated, but worth noting. Full text database articles may be available as PDF and/or HTML;  PDF is a scanned copy of the item and will include images and graphs as they were originally displayed; HTML will provide full text with any images or graphs provided separate from the text. Additionally, Interlibrary Loan (ILL) requests are sent as PDF files.



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