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ENG 425 • American Literature I: Begin to 1845: Session 3 • Internet Resources

Library resources and information for Dr, Waterman's ENG 425 course.

Image Gallery • Frederick Douglass & Catharine Maria Sedgwick

Frederick Douglass Phyllis Wheatly, author Cotton Mather image plate National Gallery of Art Catharine Marie Sedgewick
Frederick Douglass, c. 1840s
Wikimedia Commons
Phillis Wheatley
NYPL Public Domain Archive
Cotton Mather, 1727
National Gallery of Art
Catharine Maria Sedgwick
Wikimedia Commons

Online Exhibits

Online Exhibits

Online Exhibits • Frederick Douglass

Online Exhibits • Phillis Wheatley

OER & Open Access

What is Open Access?

"Open access is a publishing model for scholarly communication that makes research information available to readers at no cost" (Open Access). Explore the following resources.

Open Education Resources

Open Textbooks are free to use and distribute, and are licensed to be freely adapted or changed with proper attribution. In most cases they are written by experts in the field.



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