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Course Content • Can I Use This?: Open Access

Ashland University Faculty College • Fall 2021

Open Access, by Peter Suber

Open Access (The Book), by Peter Suber

The version embedded above is provided by the Internet Archive and recommended by Suber as "the best edition for cutting and pasting" (Harvard Open Access Project, 2021). 

Knowledge Unbound: Selected Readings on OA

From the publisher:  "In these texts, Suber makes the case for open access to research; answers common questions, objections, and misunderstandings; analyzes policy issues; and documents the growth and evolution of open access during its most critical early decade" (Internet Archive. 2016).

Understanding Open Access

Understanding Open Access, Authors Alliance

From the Publisher: "The basic idea of open access is that it makes copyrightable works available without all of the access barriers associated with the "all rights reserved" model. Open access contrasts with more traditional models of publishing in which copies of works are made directly available only to paying customers" (Internet Archive, 2016).

Defining Open Access

Open Access Explained (Video)

 In Open Access Explained, Shockey and Eisen discuss open access publishing and detail two important components of open access, research articles being free to read AND free to re-use (2012).

Embedded video begins at the 5:25 mark; the full video is available. View on YouTube and select more (three dots) to view a video transcript with time stamps.

Open Access Resources

Open Access Defined

"Open access (OA) literature is digital, online, free of charge, and free of most copyright and licensing restrictions" (Suber, p. 4, 2012).

Open Access Models

There are two main models of open access, gold and green, with a number of policy variations determined by the content publishers and institutional and subject-specific repositories.  Policy examples from several publishers, including Springer and EBSCO, are provided below.

Open Access Journals: A to Z List

There is a small (and growing) collection of open access resources available on the library's A to Z list. Here are a few examples.

Open Access Journals: Resources

Other resources to consider when researching open access journals.



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