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TH 303 American Musical Theatre: Search Tips

Use this guide as a starting point for your research project. .

Tip #1 -- Library catalog searching

Usually the most efficient way to conduct a catalog search for works about a person is to conduct a SUBJECT search using the individual's name (last name, first name).
For example:

  • Williams, Tennessee
  • Shakespeare, William


Tip #4 -- Database searching

You can search two ways in databases for relevant documents: 1) search using the individual's name and 2) search using a musical's title. Sometimes using both methods is helpful, although the second method oftentimes results in lots of theatre reviews.

Regardless of which method you choose, place your search phrases within quotation marks. This indicates to the database that you are using a phrase rather than individual search terms.

Sometimes limiting your search to look within article abstracts only can be a more efficient option. You will find this search limit in the accompanying pull-down menu on the database's search screen.



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