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Qualitative Research: Research & Stats

Use this guide as a starting point for qualitative research.

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Qualitative Research: Resource Overview

Case Study

"Case study methodologies examine a bounded system over time in detail, employing multiple sources of data found in that setting. The case may be a program, an event, an activity, or an individual. The researcher chooses the case and its boundary" (Salem Press Encyclopedia of Health, November 2019).


"Phenomenology looks at an event through a lens of how that event is viewed by a person, not how the event actually took place. In other words, the person's perception and interpretation of the event is given priority in understanding how the event unfolded" (Salem Press Encyclopedia, August 2020)


"Questions asked by qualitative and ethnographic researchers generally focus on understanding the local experiences of people as they engage in their everyday worlds (e.g., classrooms, peer groups, homes, communities)" (Encyclopedia of Education, Gale, 2002).

Grounded Theory

"Grounded theory is a method, often used in qualitative research, that involves the development of theory in social science research through the collection and analysis of data" (Salem Press Encyclopedia, February 2019).



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