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ENG 101 • English Composition [Grady]: Internet Resources

Library resources and information for Dr. Grady's ENG 101 Course

Website Evaluation

Stop • Investigate • Find • Trace Claims

Sift (verb): "to examine something carefully in order to decide what is important or useful or to find something important." - Oxford Learner's Dictionary

SIFT Method, or The 4 Moves, was developed by Mike Caulfield to "help students get better at sorting the truth from fiction and everything in-between" (Caufield, 2019).

Beginning with Stop - and continuing through the remaining steps from left to right, each move defines criteria to apply to a website for evaluation.

SIFT • The Four Moves

Letter S Stop

What do you know about the site?

What is the site's reputation?

How are you going to use the information?

Why is the information being shared?

Letter I Investigate

Do you know what you are reading?

Where does the media or information originate?

Can you verify the site or it's information?

Does the URL provide any details?

Letter F Find

Can you find better coverage somewhere else?

Is there someone else making the same or a similar claim?

Review multiple sources, is there a consensus?

Can you find experts in the field?

Letter T Trace Claims

Can you locate the information origin?

Are you seeing everything about the topic?

Has the information been edited or modified?

Compare the original source to your source.



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