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Quantitative Research: Research & Statistics

Use this guide as a starting point for your quantitative research.

Internet Resources

Quantitative Research: General Overview

Quantitative "research is formal, value-free and unbiased. There are two types of quantitative methodologies: experiment or survey. The process itself is deductive in nature, with a cause-effect approach to the research (Salem Press Encyclopedia, 2019).

Research Surveys

Sample survey's are "a statistical process by which data are collected from a representative sample of some population of interest in order to determine the attitudes, opinions, or other facts about that population (Salem Press Encyclopedia of Science, 2019).

Data Collection & IRB

"There are many different ways to gather data, including visual observation, textual interpretation, interviews, surveys, and experiments. Because data is gathered and then analyzed by researchers to prove a point or advance an argument, it is important that researchers follow guidelines on accuracy and ethics. At US universities, these guidelines are overseen by the university’s institutional review board" (Salem Press Encyclopedia, 2020).