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* Theatre Resources: Databases

Use this guide as a starting point for researching topics in theatre.

Internet Database

IBDB: Internet Broadway Database

     Broadway League

The official database for Broadway theatre information. Provides records of productions from the beginnings of New York theatre until today.


Periodicals in paper at the AU Library


  • American Theatre -- 1993-2008, 2012-current
  • Plays -- 2000-current [children's literature]
  • TDR: The Drama Review -- 1987-1995
  • Theatre Crafts -- 1975-1992


Other full-text periodicals in AU Library databases


  • American Theatre (see also top box above)
  • Australian Drama Education Magazine
  • Back Stage
  • Back Stage West
  • English Drama Media
  • Live Design
  • Puppetry Journal
  • Stage Directions (see also next box below)
  • TCI: Theatre Crafts International
  • Theater
  • Theatre Bay Area
  • TheatreForum


Searching Article Databases

Databases are the most efficient way to find quality articles. It's important to use the most useful database for your particular topic.

Full Database List

Many of the article citations include a link to full text of the article, in either PDF or HTML format. If there is no full text link for an article, click on    Full Text Finder  to discover if the article is available in full text in another of our databases.  If there is no  or full text link, use the Interlibrary Loan Request Form to request the article.

Theatre Databases

Multi-Disciplinary Databases

Finding New York Times Reviews

New York Times

     New York Times

Search the New York Times's website for free. Full-text content is freely available for items published before 1923 (i.e., pre-copyright).

Once you've determined in what issue of the New York Times your play was reviewed:

1. Go to very end of the AU Library's reference collection.

2. Look for the index volumes for the New York Times (ZZ150 .N4).

3. Select the volume for the year in question.

4. Look alphabetically under the term THEATER for 1942-96. For earlier editions of the New York Times, look under the term PLAYS, or PLAYS AND OPERAS, or MUSICAL COMEDIES AND REVUES.

5. Find the entry for your play's review.

Once you've determined where the review is located, you need to find the specific roll of microfilm for that issue of the New York Times. Microfilm for the New York Times is on the main floor, near the reference collection.

Finding Reviews

See directions on the bottom center of this page for finding reviews using the New York Times online with the AU Library microfilm collection. 

Reference Databases