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Biblical Commentary and Criticism: ATLASerials Database Tutorial

Video Tutorial on AtlaSERIALS Plus

This video demonstrates how to use the "Scriptures" index with the AtlaSERIAL Plus database. The "Scriptures" index enables you to quickly and efficiently zero in on articles relating to:

  • a specific book of the Bible;
  • a specific chapter within a given book of the Bible;
  • a specific verse within a given chapter of a book of the Bible.


Ashland Theological Seminary Library

The AU Library's online catalog includes records for materials in the Ashland Theological Seminary (ATS) Library. The ATS Library is located at 910 Center Street (only a few blocks east of the AU main campus). AU students are welcome to use the ATS Library and check out materials from its collection.

Click on the file below to see directions from the AU main campus to the ATS campus plus a map of the latter.