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History & Political Science Resources: Peer Reviewed Resources

Ashland University Library Sources for History and Political Science students.

What type of source is this?

  Scholarly Journal Popular Magazines Trade Publications
Author Written by an expert in the field covered. Author is always included. Usually includes authors affiliation Written by magazine staff and/or journalist, sometimes author is not named Business or industry professional. Sometimes author is not named. Author's affiliation is often noted
References Includes citations, references and/or bibliography Few or no notes, citations, or bibliographic references Few or no notes, citations, or bibliographic references
Content Contains data, charts, and/or graphs, abstract and/or summaries. Usually focused on research and news from the field Introduction or teaser header to the article. Focused on current events and/or general interest topics General abstract or summary provided. May contain data, charts or graphs. Focuses on business or industry information (trends, products, techniques).
Style Writing is well researched, advanced reading level, many technical terms used specific to the field Writing is less formal, highly readable, written for the general public Written for people in the business or industry using technical vocabulary specific to the field
Review Peer-reviewed Edited and revised by staff Reviewed by Journal editors
Appearance Several pages long, published by a professional organization Often contain photographs and/or illustrations Often contains photographs and/or illustrations, several pages long
Ads Few to none Numerous Some, often in color, but specific to the field

Black Scholar


Rolling Stone


Psychology Today

Chronical of Higher Education


How to Find Scholarly Articles

To find scholarly or peer-reviewed articles in the AU Library, many of our databases allow you to limit your results by:

  • check the box "Peer Reviewed Only" in the Limit section on the left hand side of your results. 
  • click the box for "Academic Journals" under Source Type


if you have any article and are not just if it is a peer-reviewed journal you can check by:

  • use the Journal Finder on the Library homepage to search for the Journal the article is from and it should list if the Journal is peer-reviewed


However please remember that not all articles within a peer-reviewed journal will be acceptable as scholarly articles. Some articles (news, letters to the editor, reviews) are included without completing the peer-review process. Make sure to also check for other characteristics (like those listed previously) to determine if this is the right source for you to include. 

General Criteria

General criteria are available to help determine if periodicals and journals are scholarly, often called peer-reviewed journals, practitioner / professional journals, or popular magazines.

Consider such things as:

Authority - Who wrote the article? What qualifications or credentials do they have regarding subject?

Content - What style of writing is used? Is it objective or trying to sell you something? Is it fact or opinion?

Audience - Who is the intended reader? What reading level is the article (advanced, general)?

Citation - Is the article properly cited? Does it have a bibliography or footnotes?

Review Process - Has the article been reviewed by subject specialists?

Evaluating Sources

Information Sources

           NCSU Libraries- scroll over an interactive display to see different parts of an article

Journal Articles

Internet Resources



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