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REL 213 - Writing an Exegetical Paper

What is Detailed Analysis?

Detailed Analysis


Detailed Analysis is the close reading of the text. It is typically the largest section of an exegetical paper. During this section, each verse of the passage will be examined.

Key things to look for:

  • Words, phrases, and actions
  • Grammar – How and why things are written the way they were written
  • Imagery – What do things mean? Is something mentioned? Is it symbolic?
  • Look for literary devices that are being used
  • Does the text appeal to any other part of Scriptures or traditions?
  • Look at various aspects of the setting
  • How does the various verses or parts relate to each other
  • Is there anything special that the text is trying to communicate to the reader?

Research Steps

Library Resources that are the most helpful:

  • Journal articles through the library’s databases

  • Commentaries

Library Resources



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