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REL 213 - Writing an Exegetical Paper

What is Historical Context?

Historical Context 

This section of the paper you will want to focus on background information that a reader may need to sufficiently understand the passage. Focus on any historical, social or cultural context that maybe needed for a greater understanding and to help you engage with the text.

For Example:

  • Any common cultural beliefs
  • Chief characteristics of group of people
  • Ancient events
  • Political Realities
  • Customs
  • Situations that may have prompted the writing of the book


Main objective is to help aid in engaging the text.


Research Steps

  • Determine what 2-3 items that a reader of your paper would need back ground information on. 

  • Check Bible Dictionaries

  • Consult Encyclopedias  

  • Check ATLASerials PLUS for related articles

  • Look at commentaries that may aid in your research process

Bible Dictionaries

Suggested Books



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