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CMHC: Introduction to Research

A walkthrough of getting started with library research for the CMHC program at ATS.

eBook Resources

eBook Resources: In addition to searching for scholarly journal articles, you are able to access many eBooks through the library. The different places you can obtain helpful eBooks are detailed in the tabbed box below.

eBook Resources Tabbed Box

eBook Databases
There are several eBook databases you can search for eBooks about your area of research. Just click on a database link below to get started. If you are not on campus, you will need to log in with your AU username and password.

CMHC Reference Works
We have curated a separate guide of Reference works that may be helpful to CMHC students that contains dictionaries, encyclopedias, casebooks, and guides, available on our main site's eBook Resources guide. Click here to be taken to that page.

CMHC Online Reading Room
We have created an online reading room specifically for the Clinical Mental Health Counseling department! This reading room contains both articles and eBooks related to areas of study within the discipline of Clinical Mental Health Counseling. The reading room is meant to be browsed and explored to gain general knowledge and background on a topic, so it might provide some solid introductory resources to what you may be researching.


Click here to be taken directly to our CMHC Online Reading Room

Purchased APA Collections
Every year the American Psychological Association releases an eBook package of counseling books that we have diligently purchased. The eBook packages in this collection range from 2017 to 2022. Recently, we also were able to purchase an eBook package released by the American Psychiatric Association, which is also included on this guide. While these are smaller collections of eBooks, they are all recent and may contain books on a subject you are researching.


Click here to be taken directly to the APA eBook Collections page



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