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Special Collections

Overview of Special Collections at Ashland University including Special Books and Archives


Special Collections of the AU Library are made of different collections that are separated out from the General Collection because the collection contents have their own policies and needs that are different than the General Collection. 

Some of the collections with the Special Collections are: The Special Books Room, with over 6,000 unique books, The AU Archives, and the Faculty Publications. These are all overseen by the Curator to provide collection management and care. 

The display areas on the Main Floor of the Library often has displays that feature a selection of the Special Collection books and items. 


Fine Bindings books from Special Books Collection

Above view of books on shelves, some marble

Auriculum sculpture located outside the Library

Sculpture at sunset

Early pop-up book from the Special Books Collection

Roland Pym 1950s early Pop-up book

Historic photo of Ashland Campus from the Archives

Historic Arial View of Ashland University campus

Using Collection with Courses

Are you an AU professor or instructor who would like to use some of our rare books, manuscripts, or artifacts to augment your course instruction?

Would you like to have a librarian teach your students about some of our interesting historical and cultural objects? Would your students benefit from a guided visit to our Special Collections?

Would you like to build a course assignment around some of our materials?

Do you just want to learn more about what's in Special Collections?


If so, please contact the Curator!



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