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XR/VR Conference Room • Learning Project: Welcome • Project Intro

Welcome to the XR/VR Conference Room, an LSTA Grant Funded Collaborative Learning Project

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Site Overview

XR/VR Conference Room

The XR Learning Project is the result of an LSTA Grant awarded by the State Library of Ohio. It is supported in part by federal Institute of Museum and Library Services funds, granted through the State Library of Ohio. Explore the About the Learning Project tab to learn more about this initiative. This new XR/VR Conference room is a key component of Archer Library's 2023 main floor renovation.

About the Space •

The XR/VR Conference room aims to provide Ashland University faculty and students a flexible learning space in which to try out VR-based simulations using Microsoft HoloLens. The ability to use this technology with free Microsoft Apps and platforms such as Microsoft Teams, provides unique collaborative options for teaching and learning. 

This area provides a space free of obstructions, permitting users to move about with ease.  Tables and chairs are mobile, the area can be easily configured to support individual or small group experiences. Small group areas, with the potential of laptops, mobile monitors, and work stations, will support hybrid activities, including conference meetings.

What's Here • 

This site is a starting point for information supporting the XR/VR Conference room. Here you will find details related to the project, as well as demonstrations, workshops, and events scheduled to introduce the technology resources.   

  • What we are doing with XR/VR/MR,
  • Meet LearnAU and Archer Library members of the XR/VR Team,
  • Learn more about our Microsoft HoloLens,
  • Review the Event Calendar, and
  • Visit the XR/VR Resources site to learn more about the technology.

Contact Information •

Interested in learning more about XR/VR integration for teaching and learning?

Coming Soon: Interested in scheduling an exploratory session (play to learn)?

Contact LearnAU

Contact Archer Library

Chuck Piscitello, MBA, Ed.D.

Katy Major, MFA

Daniel O'Brien, MLIS

Diane Schrecker, MLIS, M.Ed.

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