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ENG 101 • English Composition [Waterman]: Session 2 • Activity

Library resources and information supporting Dr. Waterman's ENG 101 class.

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Test Criteria

Using the framework to evaluate information sources.

Website Review

Website • Group 1 & 3


Website • Group 2 & 4

the flat earth society screen grab in laptop frame
good thinking society screen grab in laptop frame

The Flat Earth Society


Good Thinking Society

Session 2 Activty


There are a variety of frameworks available to assist with evaluating information, each offers guidance for critically reviewing a resource. This activity focuses on using the CRAAP test critera.

Evaluating Information

The evaluating information tab in this library guide provides a foundational framework in the form of a series of questions about the currency, relevance, authority, accuracy, and purpose of information being reviewed.

Group Activity

The class will be divided into four groups; each group will be charged with applying the CRAAP test criteria to their assigned website to determine if it is a viable information resource.  Would you use, or recommend using, the website as a a quality informational resource? Once a decision has been made, each group will present their evaluation results.



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