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Designing Effective Library Instruction: Exploring the Active Learning Lab

Ashland University Faculty College • Fall 2022

Video Tour • Active Learning Lab

Slideshow Tour • Active Learning Lab

Library Instruction Classroom photo with text
Active Learning Classroom interactive whiteboard
Active learning classroom second monitor
Active learning classroom group work area
Active learing lab computer group araea
Active Learning Classroom whiteboard area
Instruction classroom mobile whiteboards from IRC
Active Learning Classroom scavenger hunt QR code

Activity • Introduction

Scavenger Hunt QR Code

Scavenger Hunt

This activity provides an opportunity for participants to explore the classroom's unique collaborative learning environment.

Activity • Overview

In Person •

An instruction librarian will provide a classroom overview, introducing each area and it's planned scavenger hunt activity.

Online via Zoom •

An instruction librarian will provide a link to this page in Zoom chat. Watch the video tour - or click through the image gallery - to learn more about the classroom.

Directions •

  • Navigate the site (session activity) using the drop-down menu to select an area for review.

  • Visit each area; start at the beginning, or choose an area that is of interest to you. Progress around the room until you have explored them all. 

  • Scan the QR code to open the online scavenger hunt on your mobile device, or use the menu link. Complete each section after finishing the planned activity.
  • Finished? Submit your scavenger hunt results to receive a certificate of participation.



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