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Designing Effective Library Instruction: Area 3 • Collaborative Technology Area

Ashland University Faculty College • Fall 2022

SIFT • 4 Moves

SIFT 4 Moves infographic


Getting Started • Activity Archived

The Padlet board for this activity has been archived, it is available for viewing via the link posted below.

Participating groups reviewed the Padlet board and selected a website to sift through (aka explore). Comments about site quality, or lack thereof, were shared on the Padlet.


Sift (verb) • to examine something carefully in order to decide what is important or useful, or to find something important. - Oxford Learner's Dictionary.

Area 3 • Session Activity

Treasure hunt map icon

Scavenger Hunt

Work with your group to explore and evaluate one of the selected websites. Open the scavenger hunt form and enter your response.

Use the SIFT method to guide your group discussion.

Online & In Person: Once you have completed the website evaluation, click on the Padlet link - or scan the QR code with your mobile device - and share your results.

Area 3 • Overview

Collaborative Tech •

Great space for computer projects and small group demonstrations. Table and chairs are mobile, making the area both customizable and functional. Area seats four to six participants depending on configuration.

Monitor & iPads • 

Monitor connects (HDMI) to a personal laptop providing a large display area for shared viewing.

About SIFT (The Four Moves)

SIFT (The Four Moves) was developed by Mike Caulfield and licensed under a Creative Commons 4.0 International License.



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