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TH 203 Theatre Aesthetics: Reference Books

Select reference books


The Oxford Encyclopedia of Theatre and Performance, edited by Dennis Kennedy




The Cambridge History of British Theatre, edited by Jane Milling, et al




British Biography



The Cambridge History of British Theatre (3 vols.)
   edited by Jane Milling, Peter Thomson, Joseph Donohue, and Baz Kershaw
   Cambridge University Press, 2004
   PN2581 .C36 2004

A Dictionary of Actors and Other Persons Associated with the Public Representation of Plays in England before 1642

   by Edwin Nungezer
   Greenwood Press, 1968
   PN2597 .N8 1968 

The Dramatic List: A Record of the Principal Performances of Living Actors and Actresses of the British Stage...

   by Charles Eyre Pascoe
   Scholarly Press, 1971 (reprint of 1879 edition)
   PN2597 .P3 1971



The Encyclopedia of World Theater
   Charles Scribner's Sons, 1977
   PN2035 .E52 1977 


Theatrical Directors: A Biographical Dictionary
   edited by John W. Frick and Stephen M. Vallillo
   Greenwood Press, 1994
   PN2205 .T54 1994

Who's Who in the Theatre
(6 editions)

   Pitman; Gale, 1947-1981
   PN2012 .W5

Drama Criticism

Contemporary Literary Criticism
(221 vols.)
   Gale, 1973-2006
   PN85 .C7

Drama Criticism (40 vols.)
   Gale, 1991-current
   PN1601 .D59

European Writers (14 vols.)
   edited by George Stade
   Charles Scribner's Sons, 1983-1991
   PN501 .E9 1983

Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism (177 vols.)
   Gale, 1981-2006
   PN771 .G27

Start your search with a Reference Book

Reference books are a great place to start your search.  Reference books provide an overview of a topic, typically just a few pages. If you take a few moments to skim a reference book, you'll get some great ideas on the key points on your topic that you can use for deeper research.  

Reference books are shelved on the main floor of the library.  The books must be used in the library, but because the entries are so brief, it is usually takes just a few minutes to jot down a few notes or make a list of relevant keywords.

Select reference books


 A Chronology of American Musical Theater, by Richard C. Norton (3 vols.)


Drama Criticism (40 vols., 1991-current)


Broadway: The American Musical, by Laurence Maslon


General reference books

The A to Z of German Theater
   by William Grange
   Scarecrow Press, 2006
   PN2657 .G73 2010

The A to Z of Japanese Traditional Theatre
   by Samuel L. Leiter
   Scarecrow Press, 2010
   PN2921 .L45 2010

American Theatre: A Chronicle of Comedy and Drama, 1969-2000
   by Thomas S. Hischak
   Oxford University Press, 2001
   PN2277.N5 H57 2000

Blacks in Blackface: A Source Book on Early Black Musical Shows
   by Henry T. Sampso
   Scarecrow Press, 1980
   ML1711 .S25

Broadway: Its History, People, and Places: An Encyclopedia
   by Ken Bloom
   Routledge, 2004
   F128.65.T5 B56 2004

Broadway Musicals, Show by Show (5th ed.)
   by Stanley Green
   Hal Leonard, 1996
   ML1711 .G735 1996

Broadway: The American Musical
   by Laurence Maslon
   Bulfinch Press, 2004
   ML1711.8.N3 M37 2004

The Cambridge Guide to Asian Theatre
   edited by James R. Brandon
   Cambridge University Press, 1993
   PN2860 .C35 1993

The Cambridge Guide to Theatre
   edited by Martin Banham
   Cambridge University Press, 1995
   PN2035 .C27 1995

The Cambridge History of American Theatre (3 vols.)
   edited by Don B. Wilmeth and Christopher Bigsby
   Cambridge University Press, 1998-2000
   PN2221 .C37 1998

The Cambridge History of British Theatre (3 vols.)
   edited by Jane Milling, Peter Thomson, Joseph Donohue, and Baz Kershaw
   Cambridge University Press, 2004
   PN2581 .C36 2004

A Chronology of American Musical Theater (3 vols.)
   by Richard C. Norton
   Oxford University Press, 2002
   ML1711.8.N3 N67 2002

Complete Book of the American Musical Theater: A Guide to More Than 300 productions... (Rev. ed.)
   by David Ewen
   Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1959
   ML1711 .E9 1959

The Encyclopedia of the Musical Theatre (2nd ed., 3 vols.)
   by Kurt Gänzl
   Schirmer Books, 2001
   ML102.M88 G3 2001

The Encyclopedia of Vaudeville
   by Anthony Slide
   Greenwood Press, 1994
   PN2277.N5 H57 2000

The Encyclopedia of World Theater 
   Charles Scribner's Sons, 1977
   PN2035 .E52 1977

Gänzl's Book of the Musical Theatre
   by Kurt Ganzl and Andrew Lamb
   Schirmer Books, 1989
   MT95 .G2 1989

Key Concepts in Drama and Performance
   by Kenneth Pickering
   Palgrave Macmillan, 2010
   PN1579 .P53 2010

Metropolitan Opera Annals: A Chronicle of Artists and Performances (+ 2 suppl.) 
   compiled by William H. Seltsam
   Wilson and Metropolitan Opera Guild, 1947-68
   ML1711.8.N32 M48

The Oxford Companion to American Theatre (3rd ed.)
   by Gerald Bordman and Thomas S. Hischak
   Oxford University Press, 2004
   PN2220 .B6 2004

The Oxford Companion to the Theatre (3rd ed.)
   edited by Phyllis Hartnoll
   Oxford University Press, 1967
   PN2035 .H3 1967

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Theatre and Performance (2 vols.)
   edited by Dennis Kennedy
   Oxford University Press, 2003
   PN2035 .O94 2003

The Oxford Illustrated History of Theatre
   edited by John Russell Brown
   Oxford University Press, 1995
   PN2111 .O95 1995

The Penguin Dictionary of the Theatre
   edited by Jonathan Law, David Pickering, and Richard Helfer
   Penguin Books, 2001 (rev. and enlarged ed.)
   PN2035 .P46 2001

The Theater Dictionary: British and American Terms in the Drama, Opera, and Ballet
   by Wilfred Granville
   Greenwood Press, 1970 (reprint of 1952 edition)
   PN2035 .G7 1970

Theatre Language: A Dictionary of Terms in English of the Drama and Stage from Medieval to Modern Times
   by Walter Parker Bowman and Robert Hamilton Ball
   Theatre Arts Books, 1961
   PN2035 .B6

The World Encyclopedia of Contemporary Theatre (2 vols.)
   edited by Don Rubin
   Routledge, 1994-1996
   PN1861 .W67 1994



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