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* Nursing Research Basics: Books

This guide is designed to assist AU nursing students in finding information to support the assignments in introductory nursing courses.

Library Catalogs

Ashland University Library Catalog

AU Library Catalog:  

OhioLINK Catalog

OhioLINK Catalog:  
About OhioLINK:
  • OhioLINK is a consortium of 90 Ohio  academic libraries.  
  • You may request that books be sent to or you may return to any OhioLINK library near your location.
  • Your library record, including OhioLINK loans, are maintained by the AU Library. Link to My Account on Library home page. View or renew there.
  •  It normally takes 3-4 days for items requested from OhioLINK to arrive at the designated pick-up location. You may return to any OhioLINK library.
  • you will be emailed when OhioLINK requests are ready for you to pick up at the library you designated
  • This service is not used to request articles. 
  • OhioLINK is affiliated with SearchOhio, a consortium of public libraries.  If you don't find what you need in OhioLINK, click on the Search Ohio icon.  If you belong to one of the participating SearchOhio libraries, you may use your ID number rather AU ID to order books and have delivered to a SearchOhio library.

 Map of OhioLINK libraries


 Go to the WorldCat Catalog

Includes books and other media in US libraries.  Used only for locating, not requests. Enter your zipcode to find availability in a library near you.  You can use interlibrary loan to request any book that we don't own and is not available in OhioLINK.

How to Efficiently Search a Library Catalog

Keyword Search

 Uses natural language. Type a word or phrase.  Use only simple words, not sentences or concepts. 

 With keyword searches you can use these search tips: 

¨      Use AND to limit your search to results that include ALL of the keywords (Ex.- orem  AND self-care)

¨      Use OR to expand your search and indicate that you would like results with either term (Ex.-muslim OR islam )

¨      Use * as a wildcard.  Tacked on to a root word it retrieves variants. For example: nurs* retrieves articles on nurse, nurses, nursing, etc. 

-      Use quote marks or parentheses to indicate that you want one or more words in the exact order in which you  type them  [Ex.-“myocardial infarction”  or  (myocardial infarction) AND (long-term care)

¨      Try to think of other ways to think of your concept in order to increase your results (Ex.-Rather than looking for articles on “gender” you can try: gender OR sex difference OR male OR female OR men  OR women)

Subject Search 

·       Requires specific Library of Congress Subject Headings. The words have to be typed in the exact order used by Library of Congress.  When you see Subject terms in a book record, they are links.  Click and you'll find more books on that topic.

       Examples of Library of Congress Subject Headings  

Myocardial infarction -- Patients -- Rehabilitation

Antineoplastic Agents -- therapeutic use -- Handbooks 

  • Another type of subject search is specific to medical topics. Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) is the U.S. National Library of Medicine's controlled vocabulary used for indexing articles for MEDLINE/PubMed. The OhioLINK catalog also uses MeSH. See the Articles and Databases tab for more details.  



Search Ohio is a consortium of public libraries that share their resources with OhioLINK users.  SearchOhio books tend to be more popular than academic. However, you can use SearchOhio to order OhioLINK books and have them delivered to a SearchOhio library near you.   It's a good resource to use if it is more convenient for you to access a SearchOhio public library, rather than the AU Library or another OhioLINK academic library. 

Look for the SearchOhio button at the top of every page of results in the OhioLINK catalog.  To have them delivered to AU Library or another OhioLINK library, simply choose AU as your institution and follow the steps, indicating where you would like to have the books delivered.

SearchOhio books cannot be delivered to any OhioLINK library other than Ashland if you logged in as an AU student.

If you would like to have books delivered to a Search Ohio library, you must be a patron of that library and simply choose that library as your institution (rather than AU) and use your barcode for that library to request books.  Select the library and branch where you would like to have the books delivered.


Your Library Account

You can renew library books and manage your own library account from a link on the AU Library web site, regardless of where you have OhioLINK books delivered.  OhioLINK books can be renewed online, up to four times, as long as another user has not requested the item.

 1. Log on to your library account from our library's home page or click the link below.

2. Click on # items currently checked out.

3. Select the items you want to renew.

4. Click on "renew selected items."

 CDs, DVDs and videos requested through OhioLINK may not be renewed.

 This process only works for material that is not overdue.  If items are overdue, you will need to call our circulation desk 419.289.5400 and ask for a renewal. 

Inter-library Loan

In order to get a book that is not available in our library or OhioLINK you can request it by submitting an Interlibrary Loan Book Request Form  A link to this form can be found on the library website in the right-hand column under Quick Links.  Interlibrary loan is free. Books must be picked up at the AU Library.