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ENG 332 Global Cinema/ Eng 315 German Literature in Translation: Journals, articles & databases

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Find Articles about Cinema in these Databases

We subscribe to databases on almost every topic. These are the most useful for finding articles on German Cinema.

How to Get a Copy of an Article

The most efficient way to locate articles is to search in one of the Library's subscription databases.  Once you have located an article citation in a database, there are several ways to get a copy of the article.

1.There is frequently a link to the full-text article below the citation in the list of the results of your search. The link may be to a PDF or HTML copy, or it may link you to the publisher's web site.

2. There may be an icon that reads   below a citation.  FIND IT should provide you with a link to the article in another database.   Just follow the link.

3. In the event that the article is not available in full text from the databases, and we do  not have a copy of the journal, then you may order a copy of the article through Interlibrary Loan.  Look for the  Interlibrary Loan Article Request Form below the citation.The article will be emailed to you free of charge.  You may keep the article.  This service may take from 3-10 days, so make sure to start your research early.

Multi-Disciplinary Databases

German Literary & Cultural Magazines