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Archer Library Policies 

This page provides information about library policies that have been established to guide operations and use of library spaces, collections, and services.

Bernice Fauber Baker Active Learning Classroom

Library instruction sessions, in-person, online, and hybrid, are held in the Bernice Faber Baker Active Learning Classroom (Room 111), located on the main floor of Archer Library. This active learning space is equipped with flexible seating, collaborative work areas, and features technology resources, such as interactive whiteboards, ceiling mounted cameras and microphones, and a second display monitor ensuring full visibility – there’s not a bad seat in the room – and supporting an active and experiential learning environment.

Established in 2021, Archer Library's active learning classroom was funded by a donation from the Fauber family and the Bernice Fauber Baker Library Endowment, with a matching gift from the Bob and Jan Archer Challenge Grant. Classroom technology, equipment, and furnishings were funded by a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS), Library Services and Technology (LSTA) awarded by the State Library of Ohio.

Classroom Purpose & Use

Archer Library’s active learning classroom was designed and is used for librarian led course-related library instruction. Additional library uses include workshops and presentations by library faculty or staff, library faculty and staff training, credit library courses taught by library faculty, and library sponsored programs and outreach.

The needs of Archer Library’s Instruction Program take precedence over any potential use of the classroom. Library instruction session times cannot be predicted as they support professor instruction and course needs throughout the term. Library sessions are presented on the Library’s Event calendar

  • The active learning classroom may not be reserved for use by faculty, staff, or students for regular classes, exams, or non-library related purposes.
  • The active learning classroom is not available for semester-long scheduling of meetings or courses as this would impede availability for library instruction.
  • The active learning classroom is not used as a general meeting or conference room.

Classroom Use • In-Term Exceptions

Archer Library’s active learning classroom may be available on a limited basis for non-recurring educational programs such as fall and spring Faculty College, and to building partners, but not during the first four weeks and last four weeks of the semester. Sessions must be scheduled during library hours of operation.

Library instruction takes priority of any classroom use; therefore, usage may be displaced for instruction at any given time. Requests should be submitted to the Library Director or Head of Library Instruction for review. Notification will be sent via email to the requestor when or if requests are approved.

Classroom Use • Summer Exceptions

Archer Library’s active learning classroom is available on a limited basis from mid-May through July for non-recurring educational workshops, conferences, and presentations held during library hours of operation.

Requests should be submitted to the Library Director or Head of Library Instruction for review. Notification will be sent via email to the requestor when or if requests are approved.

Classroom Technology & Equipment

  • Archer Library does not provide technical support for non-library use of the active learning classroom. Equipment is the responsibility of the person reserving the classroom.
  • Non-library personnel using the active learning classroom are required to receive instruction on equipment and technology prior to using the space.
  • Individuals using the active learning classroom agree they will not make any modifications to computer software, classroom technology, and classroom equipment.
  • Individuals using the active learning classroom are responsible for ensuring the space and equipment are in the same working order at the conclusion of their event. Violation of this may result in loss of active learning classroom use.

General Classroom Information & Policies

  • The person, or persons, making the reservation is responsible for following usage guidelines and policy.
  • Events are expected to end on time and the active learning classroom returned to its original configuration prior to vacating the room.
  • The active learning classroom has 24 mobile student chairs/desks (casters), one group table, and four free-standing chairs. Additional seating for the lab is not available. Please see the technology overview for additional information.
  • Users are expected to remove all handouts and session resources, erase the whiteboard, and ensure waste is placed in the room’s trash cans at the end of the event. Library staff should be notified if additional trash bags are needed.
  • The active learning classroom must be ready for the next session at the designated time.
  • Food is not permitted in the active learning classroom.
  • Beverages in closed containers are acceptable.

Contact Information


Archer Library Director
Patricia Frank, MLIS, MA
Office: 177 Archer Library
☏ 419-289-5401

Head of Library Instruction
Diane Schrecker, MLIS, M.Ed.
Instructional Resource Center
Office: 302 Library
☏ 419-289-5406


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