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Children's Literature Topics: Exceptionalities  

Use this guide for help locating juvenile books by subject; view resources developed for arts, exceptionalities, holidays, math, the environment and health.

LC Subject Headings (Juvenile): Exceptionalities

One way to locate books on a specific subject area is to utilize the Library of Congress subject headings. Listed below are LC subject headings and subheadings used for the topic exceptionality.


People With Disabilities Autism
People w/ disabilities - Juvenile fiction Autism - Juvenile fiction
People w/disabilities - Juvenile literature Autism in Children - Juvenile Literature 
Friends with Disabilities Autistic Children - Juvenile Literature
Disabilities - Juvenile Fiction Autistic Children - Juvenile fiction
Reading Disabilities - Juvenile Literature Autistic Children Family Relationships
Children w/ disabilities - Juvenile Fiction Children w/ Autism Spectrum - Juvenile
Children w/ disabilities - Juvenile Literature  
Cerebral Palsy  Hearing Impaired & Deaf
Cerebral Palsy - Juvenile Fiction Deaf children - Juvenile fiction
  Deaf children - Juvenile literature
Wheelchairs Deaf - Juvenile fiction
Wheelchairs - Juvenile fiction Deafness - Juvenile literature
  Hearing Impaired- Juvenile fiction
Asthma Hearing Aids - Juvenile Literature
Asthma - juvenile fiction  
Down Syndrome Dyslexia - juvenile fiction
Down Syndrome - juvenile fiction Dyslexia - juvenile literature
Down Syndrome - juvenile literature  
  Mental Illness, Emotional Problems
Sign language Mental Illness - Juvenile fiction
Sign language - juvenile fiction Mentally Ill - Juvenile fiction
Sign language - juvenile literature Emotional Problems children - Juvenile
American Sign Language - Juvenile fiction People w/ Mental Disabilities - Juvenile
American Sign Language - Juv. Literature  
ADHD Mute Persons - Juvenile fiction
ADHD - juvenile fiction Mutism - Juvenile Fiction
ADHD - juvenile literature Selective Mutism - Juvenile Fiction
Blindness Communication Disorders
Blind - Juvenile Fiction Anxiety Disorders - Juvenile Literature
Blind Biography - Juvenile Literature Speech Disorders - Juvenile Fiction
Blind Children - Juvenile Literature Stuttering - Juvenile Fiction
Guide Dogs - Juvenile Literature Stuttering in Children - Juvenile Literature
Animals as Aids for People w Disabilities Worry - Juvenile Fiction
Vision Disorders - Juvenile Fiction Worry in Children - Juvenile Fiction
Braille - Juvenile Literature  
Braille - Juvenile Fiction Gifted and Talented
  Gifted Children - Juvenile fiction
  Gifted Children - Juvenile literature


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