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IRC Resources: Kappa Delta Pi

Resources for Ashland University's Kappa Delta Pi

IRC Equipment & Supplies

Ellison Machines & Die Cuts

Ellison Die CuttingWhat is Die Cutting?

“Die-cutting is a fast and easy way to cut the perfect shape every time from a variety of materials—including multiples. When paired with one of our hand-operated machines, a steel-rule die works just like a cookie cutter and can quickly cut a curriculum-based shape for countless learning opportunities.” – Ellison 101

The IRC has five Prestige Pro Ellison Die Cut pro machines available for use; each may be used with any of the dies in the IRC collection.

Ellison Die Cut Collection

The Ellison die collection includes upper and lower case alphabet sets in varying sizes and fonts, number sets, individual die cuts, word dies, days of the week dies, borders, and an assortment of extra-large die cuts. Dies are located on the IRC counters and in the wall mounted display adjacent to the poster board. Two spinning racks on each side of the IRC also house Ellison Dies.

A master list of the IRC's Ellison Die Collection is located on the IRC desk. it includes an alphabetical listing of available dies - and - a categorized list that corresponds with IRC Pinterest collections.

IRC Roll Laminator

IRC Roll laminatorThe IRC’s roll laminator is a GBC HeatSeal Ultima 65, it is “an ideal solution to preserve posters, banners, blue prints, maps, and more."

The roll laminator is recommended for larger projects, both in item size and number of items (varying). It is most often the more cost efficient resource to use. Film for the roll laminator will accommodate items up to 26 inches in width. The laminator takes 12 -15 minutes, but is less expensive option at  $1.00 per foot.

IRC Sheet Laminator

Sheet laminatorsThe IRC has a sheet laminator. These machines use single sheet laminating film pouches and carriers.

Drop off service is NOT available for laminating jobs.

Most frequently used are the 9 X 11 inch laminating pouches, they will easily accommodate an 8 ½ x 11 sheet of copy paper.

It costs $1 per sheet to use this laminator.

Button Maker: Mr. Button

Button MakerThe IRC has three button maker sizes: 1 ⅝ inch, 2 ⅓ inch, and 3 ⅛ inch; each has a corresponding assembly die and paper cutter for preparing button inserts. Two bench presses, used to complete the button making process, are available for use.

Button assembly dies are located in labeled containers. There are two paper cutters for each button size. If needed, a magnetic ring is located with button dies to help users remove buttons from the die.

Directions are located in acrylic sign holders; the 1 ⅝ inch and 3 ⅛ inch button maker directions are presented on pink paper and the 2 ⅓ inch button maker directions light brown. Be sure to use the correct directions for the desired button size.

Button Maker Tips


There are MANY steps involved with making a button, be prepared for the process to take time.

  • Use the correct button maker assembly die and accompanying direction.
  • Button size indicated is the VIEWABLE size of each button. When cutting paper to the proper size, it will be somewhat larger, design your button accordingly.
  • Circle cutters are available for each button size, be sure to cut the correct size.
  • Place paper insert in the button maker. Image should always be face up in the die.
  • When placing the pin back, do so according to the directions so it will open correctly.
  • Pay attention to how the button pin will open (button may display upside-down).
  • If you have trouble removing your button, there are small magnetic ‘rings’ located in the paper cutter containers. They will help pull the finished button project from the press.
  • If having trouble with the initial steps, move the button assembly die to the table. Often a lower surface helps.

Binding Machine

Binding MachineThe IRC has a comb binding machine is available for use. The binding machine will punch holes in items up to 12 inches long and works with binding combs in various sizes.

The binding machine is located on the counter positioned between the button maker and the IRC’s secondary Ellison die cut work area. Binding supplies, including combs in a variety of sizes and plastic covers, are located in the drawers directly below the machine.

Combs are currently available in four sizes. Clear write-on transparency sheets are available for project covers.

2nd Floor Print Station

IRC print stationThe IRC has a small collection of consumable office supplies and resources at the printer station located directly outside the IRC on AU Library second floor.

Three hole punches (2), staplers (2), scotch tape, IRC pens, scissors, disposable ear plugs, and hand sanitizer are available for students to use.

These items are available to use at no charge.

IRC Price list