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ENG 332 Global Cinema/ Eng 315 German Literature in Translation: Directors

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Who is the Director?

According to AMC Filmsite's Film Term Glossary the director is the creative artist responsible for complete artistic control of all phases of a film's production, for translating/interpreting a script into a film, for guiding the performances of the actors in a particular role and/or scene, and for supervising the cinematography and film crew. The director is usually the single person most responsible for the finished product, although he/she couldn't make a film without support from many other artists and technicians.

Fritz Lang

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Fritz Lang, interviewed by William Friedkin, about a year before his death in 1976. (50 min.)

Finding Films By Director and Books About Directors

Want to find films by a director in the AU Library or OhioLINK catalogs? Try an advanced search.  Enter the director's name (last name, first name), then and select Audiovisuals as the Material Type. HINT: If nothing comes up for (last name, first name) try searching for last name only.

If you'd like to locate a book about the director, you can either do a keyword search for their name or do a subject search using their name in last name, first name order.  If you do a keyword search, you can focus your search by adding another search term (josef von sternberg and women)

Lists of directors:

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F. W. Murnau