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Children's Literature Topics: Art & Performing Arts

Use this guide for help locating juvenile books by subject; view resources developed for arts, exceptionalities, holidays, math, the environment and health.

LC Subject Headings (Juvenile) Art, Dance, Theater & Music

One way to locate books on a specific subject area is to utilize the Library of Congress subject headings. Listed below are five LC subject headings and samples of pertinent subheadings used for performing and visual arts.

AU library catalog does not utilize visual arts a a subject heading, "art" is used instead. 

Art Artists
Art - Juvenile Fiction Artists - Juvenile fiction
Art - Juvenile Literature Artists - Juvenile literature
Art - Juvenile Poetry Artists US biography - Juvenile literature
Art NY State NY - Juvenile literature Artists Materials - Juvenile literature 
Art technique - Juvenile literature Artists Materials - Juvenile fiction
Color in Art - Juvenile literature   
Animals in Art - Juvenile Literature  
Art Appreciation Dance
Art Appreciation - Juvenile literature Dance - Juvenile literature
Art Appreciation - Juvenile fiction Dance - Juvenile Fiction
Pop Art U.S. - Juvenile literature Dance Recitals - Juvenile fiction 
Drawing, Photography, Sculpture  Ballet, Tap, and Jazz
Drawing - Juvenile Fiction Ballet Dancing - Juvenile Fiction
Photography - Juvenile Fiction Ballet Dancing - Juvenile Literature
Photography - Juvenile Literature Ballet - Juvenile Fiction
Sculpture - Juvenile Fiction Tap Dancing - Juvenile Fiction 
Sculpture - Juvenile Literature Jazz Dance - Juvenile Fiction
Music Theater
Music - Juvenile Children's Theater
Music - Juvenile Fiction Children's Plays - Juvenile Fiction
Music - Juvenile Poetry Theater - Juvenile Fiction
Musicals - Juvenile Fiction Broadway NY NY - Juvenile Fiction
Musicians - Juvenile Fiction
Auditions - Juvenile Fiction  
Painting Performing Arts
Painting - Juvenile Fiction Acting - Juvenile Fiction
Painting juvenile literature Actors - Juvenile fiction
Pageants - Juvenile fiction

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