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The AU Library Podcast

Conversations inside and outside the library stacks.

More about our podcast


Mission, Strategic Plan, & Objectives

Learn more about our purpose for The Ashland University Library Podcast.  See how we envision connecting to AU Library Mission & Vision and Ashland University's Strategic Plan, and explore our initial objectives for the project.

Podcast Goals & Objectives

Our current podcast goals and objectives are:

  • Engage the AU community by producing a monthly podcast episode focused on pertinent topics related to library resources, information, and opportunities.
  • Engage the AU community by producing episodes of interest to library stakeholders.
  • Communicate library opportunities to AU faculty, staff, and students by providing podcast episodes featuring informal conversations with library stakeholders.
  • Provide an easily accessible podcast to listeners by hosting on an appropriate platform and distributing the program to major podcast platforms including Apple Podcasts, Google Play, and Spotify.

AU Library Strategic Plan

The Ashland University Library Podcast supports the following strategic plan initiatives:

  • Expanding library reach through alumni and community engagement.
  • Transforming the library’s information role by responding with new skills and new paradigms of service that collaborate and innovate.

Ashland University Library Mission & Vision

Ashland University Library's Mission & Vision Statement is available on our web site.

  • Mission: Provide the collections, services and physical environment to encourage curiosity and reflection, and to satisfy information needs as students are challenged to develop intellectually and ethically in accordance with the mission statement of the University.
  • Vision: Encourages experimentation in library instruction and alternative library services.
  • Vision: Utilize technological advances to open new and broader avenues of intellectual inquiry; to improve bibliographic management and to manage an increasingly complex and diverse universe of information.

Ashland Rising 2020: Strategic Plan

Ashland University's strategic plan is conceived around these five Pillars of Distinction: Academic Excellence, Our Unique Christian Identity, Exemplary Fiscal Stewardship, A Healthy, Safe and Supportive Campus Environment, and Enhanced Community Engagement.

The Ashland University Library Podcast supports the following Pillars & Goals.

Pillar 1 | Academic Excellence

  • Goal 1.5 Enhance the visibility and academic profile of the university.

Pillar 4 | Supportive Campus Environment

  • Goal 4.2 Provide unique and ongoing programming for meaningful faculty, staff and student interaction that expands students’ sensibilities about their role in the global community.
  • Goal 4.3 Engage students in a comprehensive experiential learning environment which incorporates campus programming and services that contribute to their personal development and academic success.

Pillar 5 | Enhanced Community Engagement

  • Goal 5.5 .Engage the community through cultural events like theater and musical productions, athletics, the art gallery, lectures and symposia.
  • Goal 5.5.1 Develop processes that foster collaboration in order to cross-promote, cross-locate and co-sponsor events and activities at the University and in the community.