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DMin 9911 Dr. Hawk 2023

For Ashland Theological Seminary Books

Circulation Info for ATS Library Books for DMin Students

1. DMin students have a special exception for circulating seminary books because there are large gaps of time between when you are on campus with us. You can check out items for up to a year, but you must ask for this extension, and you must choose the extended due date. The student is responsible for all materials she or he has checked out, and is responsible for any fines from overdue or lost books.

2. Overdue Fines: .25 cents per item per day. If an item is lost however, they require a minimum $75 replacement fee and $50 processing fee. If you owe over $25, circulation is suspended until you clear the fine.

3. All materials must be returned and all fines must be paid in full before you are allowed to defend your dissertation. You are not allowed to extend the due date of your materials beyond the date of your defense.

4. You can have up to 60 items checked out on your account.

OhioLINK Information

OhioLINK Information

Ordering OhioLINK materials in hard copy form is available for all ATS students within the state of Ohio.

OhioLINK requests can be delivered to any participating library within the state of Ohio. To learn more, watch the video "How to Make an OhioLINK Request" below.
Video: How to Make an OhioLINK Request


OhioLINK Policies
Check Out for books: 3 week limit
Renewal for books: 6 times total (if another user does not request the book)
Check Out for non-book items: 1 week limit, non-renewable

Fines and Replacement Fees: $.50 per item per day overdue ($15.00 cap if overdue by 30+ days). 30+ days overdue is an automatic $75.00 replacement + $50.00 processing fee = $125.00 total.

**There is NO DMin exception for OhioLINK materials! Please pay attention to due dates and make sure your items are renewed or returned in time to avoid hefty fines!**

Outside of Ohio Requests

Outside of Ohio Requests

Mailing Items
We will mail up to 15 items to DMin students outside of Ohio. You must provide us with the specific title and call numbers of the books that you want. We will pay for shipping the items to you, and you are responsible for getting them back to us.

Library catalog:


Scanning Commentaries

Email Daniel ( or Sarah ( to request scans of commentaries if you are unable to get them otherwise. We can scan sections of requested commentaries within copyright compliance if you are at a location that does not provide adequate access to acceptable commentary resources. We will not scan more than three commentaries per student at one time. Turnaround time also depends on student worker assistance, so please plan accordingly. 



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