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CMHC: Using Mindscape Commons: Mindscape Commons Database

A practical guide to walk students through using the Mindscape Commons database along with our Virtual Reality rooms and VR technology.

What is Mindscape Commons?

What is Mindscape Commons?

Mindscape Commons is the world's first online resource for immersive and interactive content in mental health. It presents and documents nearly 200 VR experiences, games, and apps, for teaching and research in counseling, social work, psychology, health sciences, and related programs.

Because virtual reality can be experienced on any number of devices, Coherent Digital has made sure that the VR experiences within Mindscape Commons can be viewed on a laptop, on a smartphone with the Google Cardboard app, or with full VR immersion using an Oculus head-mounted device.

Watch the video posted below this section for a tutorial about the Mindscape Commons database. Additionally, the links in the table below will take you to Mindscape Commons pages related to their subject, which provides additional helpful information about this new resource.


About Mindscape Commons
Mindscape Commons Help Page
Glossary of Technology Terms
Mindscape Commons Additional Special Resources
Mindscape Commons Infographic


Mindscape Commons Database

Mindscape Commons Video Walkthrough

Video Resource Designations

Mindscape Commons Video Resource Symbols

All VR videos within Mindscape Commons have a resource designation tied with the video. Review the chart below to learn more about these video designations.

Symbol Meaning
Commercial database symbol. Red box with upward arrow. Commercial Resource 
This resource was created by a commercial entity. Follow the link out from Mindscape Commons to view the experience on the creator's website. Many Commercial resources may require an additional cost or subscription to be able to use, but are cataloged on the Mindscape Database for discoverability purposes.
Membership videos symbol. Blue and white circle, the Mindscape Commons logo. Membership Video 
This resource is premium exclusive video content created by an institutional member of Coherent Digital / Mindscape Commons. These videos may include the popular VR Micro-cases, immersion therapy sessions, and more. 
Open access videos symbol. Green unlocked padlock. Open Access Video
This resource is offered via Open Access licensing across the web. There is no charge to use the resource, and no charge to share it in other places. Following the link out will take you to the creator's page for the resource. Open access resources are catalogued on the Mindscape Commons database for discoverability purposes, and may or may not require additional software to access and use.
Research project videos symbol. Blue box with upward arrow. Resource Project
This resource or project was created by an educational or scientific institution, by or for research purposes. Following the link out to the individual creator's website will provide access to the VR video, resource, game, or app. There may be additional software or account signups + logins required to use the resource.




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