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CMHC: Using Mindscape Commons: Booking a Virtual Reality Room Appointment

A practical guide to walk students through using the Mindscape Commons database along with our Virtual Reality rooms and VR technology.

Booking a VR Room

Why book a VR room?

While you are able to use Mindscape Commons on any laptop or computer browser, using the videos within a virtual reality headset provides a more immersive experience, engages more of the 5 senses, and creates a transformative, experiential learning environment. By booking a VR room and using the Oculus for your video, you are taking full advantage of what technology has to offer in this new field.

Logistically we ask you to book a room in advance so that we can prepare to provide you the best possible VR experience when you come to us. Booking a room gives us advanced notice so that we can make sure the space is reserved for you, and also allows us time to prepare the headset, laptop, and other technology services that you will use to conduct your VR session.

Read the instructions, watch the video walkthrough below this box, and book a VR room using the link below! The video walks you through the process from the seminary's main page, but you can bypass the initial navigation by clicking the link we have below to jump directly to the page for booking a room.


Click Here to Reserve a VR Room

VR Booking Video Tutorial

Watch the video below for a walkthrough of booking and checking into a VR room.

Time to Check In?

Remember to Check In!

If you booked a VR room and are arriving at your scheduled time, don't forget to check in! Retrieve the code sent to you via email when you booked your room, and go to this page to enter the code and check in for your session. Thanks!



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