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Ashland Theological Seminary Library

Website and research guide for Ashland Theological Seminary students. We are a Graduate Division of Ashland University.

Ashland Theological Seminary Library Lending, Renewal, and Fine Policies
Lending term: 21 days
Renewals: 6 time limit. Materials may be renewed by phone, in person, or on the library catalog if the item is not currently overdue.
DMin Students: DMin students may borrow items for up to a year from the check out date, but must provide their own due date at the time of check out and must identify that they are enrolled in the DMin program. There are no fine reductions for overdue DMin items.
ATS Overdue Fines: $.25 per item per day overdue including a 7 day grace period. Lost items cost a minimum $75.00 fee + $50.00 processing fee = $125.00. If you owe $25.00+, circulation is suspended until you clear the fine.


OhioLINK Lending, Renewal, and Fine Policies
Lending term: 21 days
Check Out for books: 3 week limit

Renewal for books:
 6 time limit (if another user does not request the book)

Check Out for non-book items:
 1 week limit, non-renewable

OhioLINK Overdue Fines: $.50 per item per day ($15.00 cap if overdue by 30+ days). 30+ days overdue is an automatic $75.00 replacement fee + $50.00 processing fee = $125.00 total.


Ashland Theological Seminary Library Guest Cards
Guest patrons may purchase a courtesy card for $15.00, good for 1 year. There is a 5 item limit for guest card patrons. Patrons must live within 150 miles of the seminary to be eligible for a card.


Food Policy
Food is not permitted, but drinks in closeable containers are allowed.


Policy for Sending Items to Ashland Theological Seminary Students
Students within Ohio: Any student in Ohio should use OhioLINK's "Pick Up Anywhere" feature to request items, SearchOhio, the public and community libraries near their homes, or the interlibrary loan feature of their community library.
 Students beyond Ohio: The ATS library will send 15 items in a single mailing to a student once per semester or summer (or per course for the D.Min program) if there is available borrowing space on his/her library record. The ATS Library is responsible for the items up to the time the items have reached the patron; the patron is responsible for the items from this point onward. Patrons are also responsible for returning borrowed items to the ATS Library by the expected due date. If returned items are not in good, usable condition, the student is responsible for the replacement cost of all items, binding costs and any processing charges. The only items that will be sent to our students are those owned by the ATS Library. No items requested by students through Interlibrary Loan or OhioLINK and received by the ATS Library will be mailed to a student.
Students beyond the US: Students who live outside the US must contact the ATS librarians directly via email or phone in order to discuss the specifics for borrowing ATS resources.