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Communication 101--Dr. Randall-Griffiths: Find Books

This guide will help you discover resources to support your speeches in Dr. Randall-Griffiths COM101 class.

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  Search Tips for Library Catalogs

Subject Search

Uses specific Library of Congress Subject Headings. The words have to be typed in the exact order used by Library of Congress.

  • You will find the assigned Library of Congress Subject Headings listed in each book record.   The subject headings in each book record are linked.  Once you find a relevant subject heading in a book record, you will discover more books on the topic by clicking on the link.
  • Note: You can not use operators such as AND or OR , nor truncate with an asterisk * when doing a subject search.

Keyword Search

Uses natural language. Type a word or phrase. 

  • Use simple words, not sentences. 
  • Put quotes or parentheses around phrases when you want to retrieve all of the words, in the exact order given.  Example: "autism spectrum disorders" 
  • You can expand your search by inserting OR between words.   Example: gifted OR talented
  • You can narrow your search by inserting AND between words. Example: gifted AND music AND adult
  • You can use an * to retrieve multiple variants of a word with one efficient search. Example: teach*retrieves results with teach, teaches, teacher, teachers, teaching, or teachable
  • Using keywords you can fine-tune your search. For example, you can search for simply “differentiated instruction " or broaden the search to (differentiated instruction  OR  individualized instruction) or narrow the search to  "differentiated instruction" AND "twice exceptional"
  • If you find a column of stars in your results list in the AU catalog, it means that either the search was mistyped or there are no books on the exact topic.  The list will display results on related topics. You might want to check your spelling or reformulate your search strategy.