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SPAN476: Books

How to Find a Book in the Library

You found a good book listed in the AU Library Catalog.  Now what? Check out How to find a book in the AU Library

How do I search using a tilde or accent mark?


  • You do not need to include a tilde when searching. Nino will retrieve both niño and nino.
  • You do not need to include an accent mark when searching. Ole will retrieve olé, ole, and  'ole.  
  • Definite or indefinite aticles (el, los, la, las, un, unos, una, unas) at the beginning of a title are not used when doing a title search in the library catalogs. Just search for "amor en los tiempos de colera" rather than "El amor en los tiempos de cólera."


Accessing Books

There are 4 main ways you can locate and access books.

  1. AU Library Catalog (includes AU, Ashbrook and Seminary holdings)
  2. OhioLINK Catalog-locate books at 87 Ohio libraries to either pick up or request for delivery to a participating OhioLINK library.
  3. WorldCat-Includes books and other media in US libraries.  Used only for locating, not requests.
  4. Electronic Books-Can access 24/7. Will need to log in to view.  Limited print permission.

    Renewing Books


 Your Library Record  


Use this link to check your OhioLINK orders and renew books.

This process only works for material that is not overdue.  If items are overdue, you will need to call our circulation desk 419.289.5400 and ask for a renewal. 


Spanish English Bilingual Online Dictionaries

Search Tips and the AU Library Catalog

Go to complete   AU Library Catalog


 Search Tips

Keyword Search

  •  Uses natural language. Type a word or phrase.  Use only simple words and phrases--no sentences.
  • With keyword you can search for simply “spain”
  • Expand your results by using OR 

            (spain OR spanish OR catalan)            

            (siglo de oro OR golden age)

            (theater OR theatre OR drama)

  • Focus/narrow  your results by using AND

            catalan AND identity

  • Put quotes or parentheses around phrases when you want to retrieve all of the words, in the exact order given. 

           " golden age”

You can use an * to retrieve multiple variants of a word with one efficient search. Example: fantast* retrieves results with fantasy, fantistic, fantastical, fantastik, fantastique, or fantástico.

You can also use combined searches such as  (spain OR spanish) AND "golden age" AND  myth*

  • It can be useful to start with a keyword search and use the results to identify the subject headings that you may use in a Subject search.

Subject Search

·     Requires specific Library of Congress (LC) Subject Headings. It is a controlled vocabulary with no flexibility. The words have to be typed in the exact order used by Library of Congress. You cannot use AND or OR.  The LC subject term used most often for theater is Drama

Examples of relevant Library of Congress Subject Headings  

Spanish prose literature -- Classical period, 1500-1700

Theater-- Spain-- History -- 16th century.

Women and literature --Spain -- History -- 16th century


Reference Books (main floor)

 Researchers typically read only a few pages of a reference book to get an overview of a topic and discover the useful keywords and issues that will help them find more books and articles.  

Access More Books: Use WorldCat & Interlibrary Loan

WorldCat is the world's largest network of library content and services. You may search all US libraries using WorldCat.  If you enter your zip code, it will display holdings within a designated radius of your location.

If  you have located a book title in WorldCat and have determined that there is NOT a copy available in OhioLINK or AU Library, then we would be happy to borrow a copy for you through interlibrary loan.   Books will be delivered to the AU Library for you to pick up, free of charge, however, it takes longer than OhioLINK book borrowing and the lending policies may differ.

Click here for link to Interlibrary Loan Book Request form

Search for an item in libraries near you: >>

Search OhioLINK Catalog

 Go to complete  OhioLINK Library Catalog

 Ashland University Library is a member of OhioLINK, a group of almost 90 college libraries. Borrow materials from the OhioLINK catalog and have the material delivered to our front desk or any of the OhioLINK libraries closer to your home. It's great for when you want to work on your research when you're home over break.

Locate the book (or DVD) you need in the OhioLINK catalog and click on the Request link. Select AU as your institution, type in your name & AU ID number, pick-up institution, and pick-up location. It normally takes 3-4 days for items to arrive at the designated pick-up location. You may return to any OhioLINK library. This service is not used to request articles.

Map and locations of OhioLINK Libraries  -you can pick up a book at one OhioLINK library and return it at another

OhioLINK Policies and Overdue Fines