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SPAN476: Journals, articles & databases

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How to Get a Copy of an Article

Once you have located a citation for an article in a database, there are several ways to get a copy of the article.

1. If you're lucky, there will be a link to the full-text article right below the citation in the list of the results of your search. The link may be to a PDF or HTML copy, or it may link you to the publisher's web site.

2. There is always an icon that reads below each citation. By clicking on , you can see if our library owns a copy of the journal in which the article is published, or it may provide you with a link to the article in another database.  If so, that link will be highlighted in yellow.  Just follow the link.

3. In the event that the article is not available in full text from the databases, and we do  not have a copy of the journal, then you may order a copy of the article through Interlibrary Loan.  Just fill out the Interlibrary Loan Article Request Form and the article will be mailed to you free of charge.  You may keep the article.  This service may take from 3-10 days, so make sure to start your research early.

Looking for Specific Article or Journal?

It's easy enough to find an article on a topic in a database, but it's a bit challenging to find a specific article when you have only a citation. Out of all the information contained in the citation (author(s) name, article title, journal title, dates and pages), you need to start with the journal title in order to track down the article.  Your first goal is to determine which database includes that journal.  We have access to thousands of journals, some in the print format and most others available electronically through our databases and subscriptions. 

To determine which databases include a particular journal title, follow these steps: 

1.) First check the AU Library Catalog, performing a title search.  The results will show if we own the print edition and may possibly link you a database that includes the journal.  Not all electronic journals are included in the catalog.

2.) You may also do a search in the Journal Finder found on the library home page.  Journal Finder is a tool that will show you if we have access to a journal in one or more databases.  Simply type in the title and it will display links to the relevant databases when available.  However, not all of our journals, print or electronic,  are included in Journal Finder. 

3.) If you do not find the required journal title in the AU Library Catalog or Online Journals by Title, you may want to try the database called Electronic Journal Center (EJC).  All journals included in the EJC are available in full text.  It includes many nursing, medical and psychology journals that are not yet included in the catalog. 


 If you are still unable to locate access to a journal, please ask a reference librarian.  We'll do our best to help you track it down. 

For specific journal articles not available through our resources, you may submit an interlibrary loan request and the article will be mailed to your home, free of charge. 

Multi-Disciplinary Databases

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