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ENG 332 Global Cinema/ Eng 315 German Literature in Translation: E-Books

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Finding AU Ebooks

You can find many e-books with Ones SEarch and others within the AU Library catalog.   You can also  search in individual e-book collections.  

(all topics, use OnesSearch)

(includes encyclopedias)

(includes Public Health & Epidemiology)

(includes medicine & public health)


(focus on history, humanities)

(technology, digital media, and business) 

eBooks in ACLS

This is a list of 70 ebooks on the broad topic of German film in the ACLS database.

Searching for E-Books

Use the AU Library OneSearch on the Library home page to find eBooks.  (Most of our AU eBook subscriptions are not in the AU or OhioLINK catalogs.)

Follow the 4 steps below  to retrieve eBooks. 


Simply click on the Search button without entering a search.



On the next page, scroll to the bottom corner to the heading for Location and check off the box for AU Library Catalog, ELECTRONIC COLLECTION. Then type your search terms in the search boxes at the top of the page and click SEARCH.



 On the next page of results, use the left sidebar to Refine Search.
















Go to Source Type.







If you don't see eBooks listed as a Source Type, click on Show More.


Check off eBooks and then click Update.


 The list of results will include AU Library eBooks, OhioLINK eBooks, and a few other electronic publications such as government documents. Look for a link that reads eBook Full Text or Connect to resource.   (You will need to log in if you have not already done so.)