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SOC 111 Principles of Sociology   

Use this guide as a starting point for researching Principles of Sociology. Use the tabs above to locate books, articles, images, web sites and other relevant sources. If you need more assistance, please don't hesitate to contact a librarian.  Don't forget that besides dropping in for a quick question, you may also schedule a one-on-one research appointment to plot out a research strategy for a particular assignment with us.   We're always happy to help! 

Your Assignment

Scholarly Article Review


You are to choose one article from a sociology journal that has peer-reviewed articles.  Choose an article of interest to you and one that you can understand in terms of the writing and the presentation and analysis of data.  A print-out of the entire article is due no later than Monday, March 22.  I will return it to you with my approval, or I will suggest a different article (based on my judgment as to whether you can successfully complete the assignment with the chosen article.)


You will read this article and comment on it in accordance with an outline that I will hand out and explain later in the semester.  The paper will be 3 or 4 pages long.  At the top of the paper you will cite the chosen article in correct APA style.  This paper is due any day in April; papers turned in on or before April 14 will receive 1 point extra credit.  Look at your schedule of due dates for other classes and decide when the best due date for this assignment will be.  It is your choice, so plan wisely. (30 points possible)

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