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EDFN 506 Qualitative Research: Web Sites

Use this guide as a starting point for your research.

Research Resources for All Ohioans

The Ohio Web Library is an evolving collection of thousands of online publications and research resources. It includes: popular magazines, trade publications, scholarly research journals, newspapers from Ohio and the nation, encyclopedias, dictionaries, speeches, poems, plays, maps, satellite images of Ohio, and more.

How do I access the Ohio Web Library?

  • Use your mobile computer or a public access computer at your local Ohio public, academic or school library.
  • When at home, work or on the road, our system will try to verify that you are using a computer located in Ohio; if that can be verified, you will be granted access.
  • If our system cannot verify that your computer is in Ohio, you will need one of the following forms of identification to log on: an Ohio public library card number, a name and ID information from a participating Ohio college/university, or a password from a K-12 Ohio school library.