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* English Research: ENG 102 Research Paper--Dr. Waterman

Use this guide as a starting point for researching literary topics.

Library Book Catalogs

Multi-Disciplinary Article Databases

Psychology and Health Databases

For medical conditions and topics such as post- traumatic stress, adolescent psychology, physical or mental abuse, mental illness, psychopathology, etc.

Education Databases

 For any topic on teaching or children or teens such as child abuse, nutrition, obesity, art therapy, teaching objectives, outdoors education, or teaching strategies.

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Also see the course page for ENG 102 Prof. Smith under courses on this English Guide. Includes information on Native Americans and literature.

The ENG 102 Dr. Brown guide below has sources on Native Americans and Louise Erdrich and her work.

The ENG 350 x guide below has sources on terrorism.

Digital sources

Research Paper Assignment

Assignment Topic: Write a research paper in response to a topic and question provoked/inspired by any of the literature that we have considered in this course. In the research paper, perhaps in the introduction, you should reference this literature, discuss the point of inspiration, and outline how it connects to your thesis and research.


Remember that a research paper describes and, most importantly, analyzes the research you have conducted. You must use at least five or more sources, which must be reputable (i.e. avoid an overuse of web sites, although online journals are acceptable sources). A research paper should not simply present information; it must form a thesis, offer supported evaluation and argument, and come to a significant conclusion.


Assignment Ideas: Choose your topic and the questions that your research will ask carefully. It is often a good idea to choose a subject that interests you, but make sure you limit your research to a manageable size. Try not to cover too broad an area. You might want to start by thinking about a general subject area and then quickly narrow your topic. Remember your research should engage your reader’s attention. So, avoid clichés and ready-made answers. Be bold, be creative, and challenge yourself, your ideas, and your writing.


Due Dates:

·          Final Research Journal Due at your individual conference either April 11, 13, or 15


·          Draft Research Paper Peer Review (bring two copies to class): Due April 18 or 20


·          Draft Research Paper General Review (bring a copy to class): Due April 27


·          Final Research Paper (8-10 pages): Due April 29


Assignment Requirement: 8-10 pages (note that quality rather than quantity is important)


Format: It is crucial that you follow all MLA guidelines and write your paper using appropriate academic style, especially for the “Woks Cited” section. And NO PLAGARISM; your Research Paper will be submitted as both a paper and an electronic copy for