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* English Research: ENG 304 The Short Story--Dr. FitzSimmons

Use this guide as a starting point for researching literary topics.

Your Assignment or Why You're at the Library

Analysis Portfolio:


 A) For six short stories, please write a paper explaining how some rhetorical element of the piece works. That is, pick some specific device or technique in the story and explain how the author uses it to make the story work. You should include at least one outside academic source in your essay to give a foundation to your reading. The paper should be approx. two pages long and single-spaced (at least 1,000 words and no more than 1,500 words—with the word count listed at the bottom of the last page). The essay should be on how the text works. The essay should not be a summary. This writing should be typed, proofread, and in accordance with MLA standards (except as indicated otherwise). An appropriate title (not “Essay 1” please!) should head each paper , and the date the writing is due should be included according to MLA requirements for a paper without a title page. Please include MLA in-text citations and a final Works/Sources Cited for all sources cited in the essay, including the primary text(s). This may be turned up to two class periods after we discuss the short story.

Digital Film

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Try the tabs for Books, Articles & Databases and Literary Criticism.  If you need help with MLA, use the tab for Research Tools.

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