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* English Research: Book Reviews

Use this guide as a starting point for researching literary topics.

Book Reviews

Getting started:

You will need this information to find book reviews: 

  • Year the book was first published--or year of a specific edition
  • Author's full name
  • Complete title of book

If in doubt, check the AU Library catalog, OhioLINK catalog or WorldCat to verify book citation.


General Databases with Book Reviews

  • Academic Search Complete
    Search Strategy:  Type title of book in quotes, then select "PS Reviews and Products" from drop box. Beleow the green bar, select limit to Document type: Book Review.
  • LexisNexis Academic, 1969-Present 
    Lexis Nexis includes book reviews from newspapers, magazines, and journal. Select "Guided News Search" to locate book reviews from newspapers and major magazines.
  • Historical New York Times1851-2005 
     Search strategy: Type search in this format: document type AND author or title.
  • JSTOR (1665-2005)Search strategy: Advanced Search, then type title of book in quotes, search "full text", click: Limit to: Review. For example: "Johnny got his gun" in full text with Limit clicked to: Review
  • American Periodicals Series, 1740-1940
    Search strategies: Advanced Search: type in title of book in quotes, search in "citation and abstract" or "citation and document text." Under "more search options" click "document type" Review.