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ENG 371--Dr. Grady: Books

Use this guide as a starting point for your research.

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Reference Books (main floor)

 Researchers typically read only a few pages of a reference book to get an overview of a topic and discover the useful keywords and issues that will help them find more books and articles.  

Searching AU Library Catalog

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How to Find a Book in the Library

You found a good book listed in the AU Library Catalog.  Now what? Check out How to find a book in the AU Library

Search Tips

Search Tips

Keyword Search

  •  Uses natural language. Type a word or phrase.  Use only simple words and phrases--no sentences.

  • With keyword you can search for simply “motion picture”

  • Expand your results by using OR -- (teen or adolescent or teenager)

  • Focus your results by using AND-- motion picture AND coming of age

  • Put quotes or parentheses around phrases when you want to retrieve all of the words, in the exact order given.  Example: " berlin wall”

  • You can use an * to retrieve multiple variants of a word with one efficient search. Example: fantast* retrieves results with fantasy, fantastic, fantastical

  • It can be useful to start with a keyword search and use the results to identify the subject headings to use in a Subject search.

Subject Search

  • Requires specific Library of Congress (LC) Subject Headings. The words have to be typed in the exact order used by Library of Congress. You cannot use AND or OR.  The LC subject term used most often for cinema is Motion Pictures.

Examples of relevant Library of Congress Subject Headings  

Identity (Psychology) in motion pictures

Jews in motion pictures

Social change in motion pictures.

Motion pictures and globalization

Silent films -- History and criticism