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EVS 476 Environmental Issues -Dr.Saunders: Internet Resources


Ecology Sites

Current Environmental News and Opinion

  • E: The Environmental Magazine
    Independent online magazine providing information on a wide variety of environmental issues. Includes news articles, blogs, as well as a "Hot Topics" section. The "Resources" section contains featured videos, along with descriptions of and links to relevant mobile phone apps.
  • Earth & Environment News from the National Science Foundation
    News articles reporting on NSF-funded research in ecology and the environment. Site also includes write-ups of NSF-discoveries in these areas, as well as links to classroom resources for teaching ecological and environmental topics.
  • ENN: Environmental News Network
    Environmental news and opinion articles compiled from a wide variety of news agencies, as well as from environmental and sustainability organizations. 
  • Energy & Environment Updates from from New York Times
    Environment / sustainability news stories from the New York Times. Site links to Dot Earth, NYT's environmental blog, and to other environmental news sources. Also check out the ENERGY TOPIC GUIDES and Multimedia links on this page.
  • Environmental Scene
    Part of Chemical and Engineering News, contains up-to-the-minute articles on environmental research, business, and policy, with coverage of climate change, toxic substances and sustainability.
  • Living on Earth
    Weekly environmental news program from Public Radio International. Site includes text and audio (MP3).
  • ScienceDaily – Earth & Climate News
    Features science news articles from leading universities and research organizations worldwide. The Earth & Climate section provides coverage of air pollution, climate, renewable energy, and other environmental and sustainability topics.

Government Agencies