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* Ed.D. Research • Doctoral Program in Leadership Studies: Library Info for Completed Dissertation

Library resources for Ed.D. research, locating dissertations, and an introduction to the library mentor program.

Dissertation Reminders

Preparing Your Dissertation

Communicate with your dissertation advisor and the College of Education concerning any expectations related to ETD submissions such as total price and platform submission requirements. 

  • Carefully check your finished dissertation, authors are responsible for any/all printed errors.

  • Dissertations are submitted for binding in the condition they are received; the process is final. Once a dissertation is sent to the bindery, existing errors can not be corrected.

  • If errors are found and need to be corrected, additional charges will be applied if the binding process (two required copies) is repeated. Binding is not an overnight process, be prepared for necessary waiting period of one 4 to 6 weeks.

  • Rush orders for dissertations from the bindery are not available.

AU Library sends Items to the bindery annually, most often in June at the start of each fiscal year. Finished products are returned in 4 to 6 weeks.

Dissertation Printing

Archer Library does not offer printing or copying services; options for printing your dissertation include the following.

About your Dissertation

Dissertations: Archer Library Collections

If you would like a bound physical copy of your dissertation added to the library collection, two print copies of are required. The first is sent to the bindery; when returned, it is cataloged and placed in AU Library's circulating collection.  The second copy is not bound, but is kept as archived copy if it becomes necessary to replace the original (e.g. lost, stolen, or damaged).

  • Students must use the Library's contracted bindery services to meet collection requirements.
  • Dissertations must be printed on acid-free paper.
  • Cost of binding is $25 per copy; students are responsible for all costs pertaining to bound copies.
  • College of Education manages collection of funds for binding from the student.

Dissertations: Personal Copy

Students that would like a bound personal copy of their thesis or dissertation are able to do so on demand, using Archer Library's Binder Vendor Services at